Peter Chiarelli gets 4-year extension

BOSTON -- The Bruins have signed general manager Peter Chiarelli to a four-year contract extension through the 2017-18 season.

Chiarelli had one year remaining on his current deal. The Bruins will hold a 10 a.m. ET news conference Friday to discuss the extension.

The Bruins have become a perennial winner since Chiarelli was named GM before the 2006-07 season. They have earned a postseason berth in each of the last six seasons, including two trips to the finals and a Stanley Cup championship in 2011.

After Boston lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the finals in June, Bruins president Cam Neely said one of his offseason priorities would be to extend Chiarelli's contract.

"He's done a fantastic job since he's been here," Neely said during the team's exit meetings in June. "From when he came until now, there's been a lot of player/personnel turnover, but we've kept the right guys and built from that."

Even though there was one season remaining on Chiarelli's contract, the Bruins felt it was important to lock him up for the long term.

"Ideally, yeah," Neely said. "He deserves it. He's done a really good job here. He's a good GM."