Gordon Edes' 10 Predictions For The Red Sox

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Calling our shots ...

Photograph By Derick E. Hingle/US Presswire

OK, so "bold" may be overstating the case, and predictions are usually best forgotten, especially those made by someone posing as a baseball savant who 1) never has had to recognize the tight spin of a slider a microsecond before it reaches the plate and 2) went to dinner in spring training wearing unmatched loafers and on another day left the keys in his car with the engine running (Both happened; the white jackets in Bristol have been alerted). But part of the fun of Opening Day is pretending to have an idea how the next six months will unfold. We all do it, we mock those who lack our wisdom, and then, when we finally reach October, profess no knowledge of what we forecast. So, in that spirit, let me offer 10 (ahem) bold predictions for the Sox in 2011.