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Since the initial release of the BottomLine in February of 2002, ESPN has collected thousands of e-mails from users with regards to what improvements and feature additions they'd like to see in the next release. We try to answer all e-mails personally, and every suggestion has been considered and ranked in order of importance. While we have been making minor performance improvements on a weekly basis since February, we saved the major enhancements for this release, version 2.0.

Following is a list of features you can now enjoy with the release of version 2.0:

1. Sport customization. This has been by far and away the most requested feature addition for the BottomLine. Simply click the 'CUSTOMIZE' button on your new BottomLine and you will be able to add and delete sports as often as you wish. No longer will you have to see sports you're not interested in, or sit through news you don't care about. We set your preferences through the use of a cookie, so make sure you haven't disabled cookies in your browser. Also, cookies are local to your computer, so if you use the BottomLine on two separate computers, you will have two separate sets of preferences.

2. News and scores customization. Want only news for a certain sport? Want only scores? Want both? No problem. With the BottomLine 2.0, you can choose exactly what information you want to see for each sport through the use of the 'CUSTOMIZE' button. By default, you are set up to get both news and scores, but to change this setting, simply click the 'CUSTOMIZE' button and your changes will be remembered.

3. Wider screen display. While we must still keep the BottomLine compatible with 800x600 resolution monitors, we have increased the amount of space allocated for headlines and scores (the red area). This will result in less headlines being truncated and more supporting data per sport.

4. Direct links to sport pages on By double-clicking on any of the sports across the top of your BottomLine, you will be taken to that sport's page on Additionally, by clicking on the ESPN logo on the right side of the BottomLine, you will be taken to the front page of

5. NT 4 compatibility. Users of the Windows NT 4 operating system, common in workplace settings, will now be able to download the installable version of the BottomLine. Previously, NT 4 users had to use the popup version. Note: NT 4 users may not be able to use the 'X' to close the BottomLine application... they should instead click the red 'E' in the Windows taskbar to exit the application.

6. Faster score and news updates. Over the last few months, ESPN has worked out various issues with our score feeds and optimized performance across the board. Scores should never be more than a couple of minutes behind (max) and are usually a lot more current than that. Additionally, news stories are now refreshed every 30 minutes directly from's central news servers.

7. Enhanced baseball data display. Users will now see a graphical diamond display to indicate baserunners and outs.

8. More sports. We have added Golf and Auto Racing to the BottomLine since its release and soccer/World Cup will be added shortly.

9. More compatible with various operating system setups. Some users have reported installation problems on certain operating systems. We believe we have solved the majority of these installation issues although some may still exist. We are working hard to isolate all problem situations... if you are still having problems installing the new BottomLine, please let us know.

10. ESPN Broadcast notification. If a game (in any sport) will be broadcast on any of the ESPN networks, this will be indicated in the black area on the BottomLine.

We hope you enjoy version 2.0 of the BottomLine, and please let us know if you are experiencing any problems with it or have any further suggestions for improvement in the next version!


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