Alvarez vs. Trout
Apr. 20, 2013 // 10 p.m. ET (Showtime)
The Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas
Ed Mulholland/US Presswire


Until Alvarez definitively answers suspicions that he has been protected by his reps along the way to boxing's big leagues, this can't be acknowledged as one of his virtues. We first need to see him at a disadvantage in the ring, even if only briefly, to learn how willing he is to swim against the current. Trout, however, clearly has what it takes here. In 2011, he was an undefeated contender who wasn't afraid to travel to Guadalajara to win his title, and four months later he traveled back to Mexico to defend it. That speaks volumes about his determination.

Advantage: Trout

Written by Bernardo Pilatti