Sept. 15, 2012 // 9 p.m. ET; 6 p.m. PT (HBO PPV)
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II


Excuse us while we try to stop giggling. Really? Do we have to spend any time breaking this one down? Chavez is rapidly improving, and has enough boxing infused in his DNA to make those little specks under the microscope look like little punching bags. But Martinez -- who, get this, once earned a living as a cage dancer in a disco in Madrid -- is the proverbial butterfly who stings like a bee, and he possesses a few of the most technically perfect moves in boxing today. If he were a basketball player, he'd be a Globetrotter. Even his most awkward notes have such sublime endings that it's impossible not to accept them as pitch-perfect.

Advantage: Martinez

Written by Diego Morilla