Mayweather vs. Guerrero
May 4, 2013 // 9 p.m. ET (Showtime PPV)
MGM Grand, Las Vegas
TBD edit
Scott Heavey/Getty Images


Guerrero modified his diet and preparation for this fight, putting in long hours during training camp to improve in this area. Not that he had been a slouch in the past. Guerrero showed resolve in recent 12-round decisions over big hitters Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto, both of whom he outpunched by wide margins. But Mayweather, by comparison, is a far more gifted and calculating foe -- one who will pounce on any fatigue-induced mistake. Renowned for his grueling workouts and late-night runs, he has yet to meet an opponent who can outlast him.

Advantage: Mayweather

Written by Bernardo Pilatti