Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV
Dec. 8, 2012 // 9 p.m. ET (HBO PPV)
MGM Grand, Las Vegas
AP Photo/Isaac Brekken


It's all about desire. The unanswered questions and angst, simmering since Pacquiao-Marquez I, have reached a boiling point -- and it seems Marquez is most willing to embrace the heat. After announcing his retirement a year ago, Marquez changed his mind in order to land this fourth fight with Pacquiao. On the flip side, doubts abound. Is Pacquiao's shaky performance against Bradley an indication of complacency -- or, worse, erosion? Is Manny frustrated or distracted by the ongoing will-they-won't-they Floyd Mayweather Jr. merry-go-round? Bottom line: It's Pacquiao who must prove the hunger is still there.

Advantage: Marquez

Written by Bernardo Pilatti