Magomed Abdusalamov out of coma

Injured heavyweight Magomed Abdusalamov was brought out of a medically induced coma on Friday and was breathing on his own, promoter Nathan Lewkowicz of Sampson Boxing told ESPN.com.

The 32-year-old Abdusalamov, a married father of three young daughters, had been in a medically induced coma at Roosevelt Hospital in New York since suffering a brain injury and having subsequent surgery to remove a blood clot on Nov. 2, after he lost a 10-round unanimous decision to Mike Perez in a vicious battle at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in a fight nationally televised on HBO.

Abdusalamov, who suffered a stroke shortly after he was put into a coma, had been on life a support machine breathing for him, but he was taken off it on Thursday night when he began breathing on his own, Lewkowicz said.

"He has tubes in his neck still, but he is breathing on his own," Lewkowicz said. "They took him off life support because he started breathing on his own."

And on Friday morning, Lewkowicz said, doctors roused him from his coma, which they had put him in in order to give the swelling on his brain time to subside.

"He's out of the coma, his right eye is open and his right foot is moving, but he is still basically in a vegetative state. I guess that's the best way to put it. It's not like he's up walking around, but he's out of the coma and off the machines, which is a good sign," Lewkowicz said. "It seems like he's progressing slowly, day by day. The fact that he can breath on his own now and not connected to a machine is huge. The fact that the doctors took him out of the coma is huge."

It is unclear whether Abdusalamov can communicate with doctors or if he can see or move his left side.

"He has a long way to go," Lewkowicz said. "How is he going to function? We still don't know."

Initially, doctors had told Adusalamov's family and boxing team that he was going to die before seeing signs that he would survive.

Abdusalamov suffered superficial injuries during the fight, including a broken nose, broken hand, cuts and bruises, but when he began to have a headache and vomited, his team took him to the hospital shortly after the fight. After arriving at the hospital, he had a CT scan, which revealed the blood clot and he was rushed into surgery.