War of words escalates over Corcoran bite threat

Tensions have escalated following British boxer Gary Corcoran's threat to bite Jeff Horn if the Australian headbutts him during the pair's welterweight title fight in Brisbane next Wednesday.

Speaking on Thursday at his final public workout ahead of the fight, Corcoran said that Horn was known for "leading with his head" before threatening that he wouldn't retaliate in the same fashion.

"I won't headbutt Jeff back, I'll bite him,'' Corcoran said.

"I have bullied bigger boys than Jeff in previous fights. I've trained for 12 hard rounds and he hasn't fought anyone as big or young as me.''

Not since Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear in their 1997 bout in Las Vegas has the tactic been used.

Horn disputed his opponent's claim that the Aussie was a dirty fighter, saying his aggressive style lent itself to collisions during a bout.

"The way I fight in close it's just natural that sometimes your heads collide," Horn explained.

"I got accused of butting against Manny Pacquiao but I was the one who came off worse.

"I got a bad cut over my eye when our heads banged together, but the head clash was accidental."

Fight promoter Dean Lonergan slammed Corcoran for his threat, saying he would inform the referees and judges of the Briton's intentions.

"This cowardly type of behaviour will not be tolerated," Lonergan said.

"Biting opponents might be acceptable in the traveller community in the UK but it will not be acceptable in the WBO world welterweight contest.

"The last thing Horn or boxing needs is an overzealous and jealous UK traveller biting half his ear off, or God forbid, biting off his nose.

"This simply won't be tolerated and I have a duty to protect my fighter; I am now questioning the wisdom of bringing to Australia a man with such barbaric intentions.

"I now see why Corcoran was keen to have the fight in a carpark if these are the tactics he wants to use."