Tyson Fury: Anthony Joshua sent a Christmas card, won't get one back

Despite getting a 'nice Christmas card' from Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury admitted that he won't be returning the gesture to the IBF and WBA world heavyweight holder.

Fury is free to resume his boxing career after the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) backdated his ban but he has also had an eventful week on social media, first saying "[I'm] coming for you punk" to Joshua and then slamming the British Boxing Board of Control over their statement that they would consider his licence suspension in January.

In an event in Wolverhampton on Wednesday evening Fury was asked whether his rival would be on his Christmas card list to which he replied: "No, definitely not, although I have received a nice Christmas card from him yesterday."

On whether Joshua was top of the tree regards fighters he wants to fight he added: "Not really, I am top of the tree. I am like the angel on top of the Christmas tree. I will go on my time, my area, and my say so and everything I want I will get in that fight."

Fury said that he felt fantastic, that training was going well but although he has lost weight, he added that he is not ready to get back in the ring just yet.

"I have a long way to go before I even contemplate getting back in the ring so the main motivation and focus at the moment is getting into fighting shape.

"It is alright looking good, losing a bit of weight and doing what you can, but to actually get in fighting shape, mentally, physically, it is a long hard road and I am only a quarter of a mile down a 10 mile track."

In a week that saw his wife give birth and his long-standing case with UKAD settled, Fury stated that his comeback motivation will now be to knock out "all the bums". He stated that a return to the ring could happen in April or May.