5 reasons Cotto will beat Margarito

It's a rule of thumb in boxing that personal feelings have no place in the ring, but it will be difficult to keep the bad blood outside the ropes when Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito clash again Saturday (9 p.m. ET) at New York City's Madison Square Garden in what could mark the end of a bitter rivalry.

The ongoing feud escalated recently as the fighters have traded insults and accusations, making this one of the most anticipated grudge matches in recent memory. But in this junior middleweight title bout, there will be much more than a belt at stake. And after their grueling 2008 matchup -- a TKO by Margarito that is still shrouded in doubt because of suspicions that he used illegal hand wraps -- both fighters are fully aware of each other's strengths and flaws. With new trainers in their corners and new strategies on their minds, both fighters figure to have fresh approaches for this long-awaited rematch, and it will be interesting to see how each uses his numerous resources.

Having looked better in his most recent outings, Cotto (36-2, 29 KOs) remains the slight favorite to pull off a very significant victory for his career. And the win, if it happens, probably will be attributed to some combination of the following factors:

Hook 'til he drops

Keep it hot

A tank of gas is a terrible thing to waste

Hold the grudge

Watch the body -- your body

Diego Morilla is a contributor to ESPNdeportes.com.