5 reasons Erik Morales will win

Saturday's junior welterweight title fight between champion Erik Morales, 35, and challenger Danny Garcia, 24, at Houston's Reliant Arena represents much more than a test of youth against experience. It's a clash of two completely different boxing idiosyncrasies, of two fighters raised in different environments and different boxing schools.

The legendary Morales (52-7, 36 KOs) represents a boxing tradition in Mexico for which the willingness to spill every drop of blood in the ring and the determination to fight to the last breath are just as important as knowing how to throw a jab or a left hook. And as a Philadelphia fighter, Garcia (22-0, 14 KOs) hails from a boxing hotbed where it seems there's a potential champion in every gym and where the sport is as much a part of the city's legacy as cheesesteak sandwiches. Both fighters have solid technical foundations but are willing to let technique fly out the window and turn a fight into a street brawl if that's what it takes to win.

Here's a look at five different keys for Morales to win this fight:

Lean on him

Stay mobile

Watch the flying right hand

Peep for that hole

You got rhythm, and so do I

Diego Morilla is a contributor to ESPNdeportes.com.