Experts' picks: Mayweather-Cotto

Although Miguel Cotto isn't the man fans wanted to see
Floyd Mayweather Jr. in with on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, he's a more-than-credible foil. Cotto isn't Manny Pacquiao, but he will test Mayweather at junior middleweight -- a division above Floyd's comfort level, where he has fought just once in his career. And although most expect a Mayweather rout, or something thereabouts, Floyd always finds a way to make fight night fun. Throw in another step-up bout for 21-year-old Canelo Alvarez, himself a 154-pound champ, and perhaps the last hurrah for Shane Mosley, one of the very best of his era, and there's enough potential entertainment value here to make up for an undercard no one's writing home about. Below, our panel of ESPN.com boxing experts picks the winners of the main event and co-feature, then pinpoints the undercard fighter they believe has the chance to help himself more than any other on Saturday.