Top Rank eyes 5th Pacquiao-Marquez

LOS ANGELES -- Manny Pacquiao could return to action in September, in a card to be held during Mexico's Independence Day weekend, and all signs point to a fifth fight against Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

"He's indicated he will fight again. Bob (Arum) has indicated (that it would be) September," said Fred Sternburg, spokesman for Top Rank, Arum's promotion company. "Between the suspension and the election and campaign in Philippines, we think we can do it."

Pacquiao was knocked out by Marquez in the sixth round of their December fight in Las Vegas. The Nevada Boxing Commission suspended the Philippine fighter afterward as dictated by its rules.

Sternburg said a fifth fight could be on the horizon for the fighters, saying that after the economic success of their Dec. 8 card it would be the logical move for Arum's company, as well as both athletes.

"I think they can do it. Bob has stated it over and over. The fight did so well financially, it is a no-brainer," Sternburg said.

Marquez's representative, Fernando Beltran, told ESPNDeportes.com in Mexico City that they would be willing to take a fifth fight with Pacquiao. He also denied reports that Pacquiao had any early symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

"Logically, we will find what's most lucrative for him, in order to be an important fight," Beltran said. "Juan Manuel Marquez and myself are gentlemen and we know that Pacquiao gave us an opportunity, and he didn't have to, and most probably we will give it to him."

Pacquiao has been in the public eye since the Marquez fight. Friends and family members repeatedly have asked him to retire after back-to-back defeats -- the first one against Timothy Bradley Jr. in September and then the stunning KO against Marquez. Pacquiao was unconscious for a few minutes after the fight was stopped.

Sternburg said Arum will take Pacquiao to the Lou Ruvo Center of the Las Vegas Cleveland Clinic for further exams to make sure he's fine even before the multiple former champion makes a call on his future. The clinic specializes in brain health, including diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's.

"They will examine him as a precaution," Sternburg said.

Pacquiao has not issued any statements because he is in Israel, according to Sternburg.