PGA Tour prohibiting players from playing daily fantasy

In the individualistic world of golf, the game's best players are often fond of saying that they would bet on themselves any given week. They just can't do it literally.

As part of a new policy that was communicated to its membership weeks ago, the PGA Tour is prohibiting players from competing in golf-related daily fantasy sports contests that have an entry fee and monetary payouts.

Players are also prohibited from signing endorsement contracts with daily fantasy sports companies.

Any violations of this policy would fall under the guidelines of "conduct unbecoming a professional," said Andy Pazder, executive vice president and chief of operations for the PGA Tour.

Players are still allowed to compete in non-golf DFS contests.

As part of the PGA Tour's long-standing policy, Pazder declined to discuss any potential penalties for violating this rule.

Of the two major DFS companies in the industry, DraftKings currently holds a weekly golf contest that includes entry fees and payouts, but FanDuel does not.