Bookmaker roundtable: College football line moves, sharp bets

Despite a loss in their first game of the season, Notre Dame is drawing a lot of interest from the betting public for their game against Nevada. Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Every Friday during football season, ESPN Chalk will ask some of Las Vegas' top oddsmakers where the action has gone over the course of the week. Here is the latest installment of their insights into the betting action coming in on college football this week.

1. Which game(s) have had the biggest line move so far?

Jason Simbal, vice president of race and sports at CG Technology: The Kansas game flipped from the Jayhawks opening as a 1.5-point underdog to them now being a three-point favorite. Akron has gone from a 25-point underdog to a 23-point dog, and Oregon has moved from a 23-point favorite to a 25-point favorite.

Chris Andrews, sports book director, South Point casino: The biggest college mover so far has been North Carolina vs. Illinois. We opened UNC at minus-10, which is now at minus-7.5.

Nick Bogdanovich, director of bookmaking for William Hill: As of Thursday afternoon, the biggest moves for Week 2 involve Oklahoma, Air Force and UConn. We opened Oklahoma minus-44 against UL-Monroe, and the line is now minus-46.5. Air Force opened at minus-18 and now the line is at minus-20. UConn was a six-point underdog to Navy, and the line is currently Navy minus-4.

2. Which game(s) have had the biggest public action?

Simbal: Texas and Alabama, which is not a surprise coming off their Week 1 performances.

Andrews: Biggest public action so far is Ohio State-Tulsa. Good action on both sides.

Bogdanovich: The biggest public action is on Louisville and Notre Dame. The three most popular games at our books are Louisville-Syracuse, Western Kentucky-Alabama and Nevada-Notre Dame. Ninety-eight percent of the money is on Notre Dame in their game against Nevada, and 89 percent of the total dollars bet on Louisville-Syracuse are on Louisville.

3. Which game(s) have had the biggest wiseguy action?

Simbal: Kansas and Akron.

Andrews: Illinois has had the most wiseguy action.

Bogdanovich: A lot of wiseguy plays so far on Western Kentucky against Alabama. Fifty-two percent of the total dollars bet on that game are on Alabama, which to us is a sharp play on Western Kentucky. Some more games that are leaning sharp: Ball State vs. Indiana, as 91 percent of the total dollars are on Ball State. There's been a big move on Akron as well, with 91 percent of the total dollars wagered on that game are on the Zips against Wisconsin.

4. What's your greatest College Football Playoff liability?

Simbal: Iowa is our worst-case scenario, followed by Georgia.

Andrews: Tennessee is biggest exposure for the playoffs. I'm not sweating it -- not yet, anyway.

Bogdanovich: Of the teams that we offer, Nebraska would be the worst-case scenario, with West Virginia and Georgia as the other big liabilities. All three do have a chance to win their conference if they win some big games and play out of their minds. Nebraska is the worst-case scenario of the group, though.