Week 2 bookmaker roundtable: Biggest NFL line moves, sharp bets

Bookmakers have received major action on both the AFC and NFC title games. David Sherman/Getty Images

Every Friday during football season, ESPN Chalk will ask some of Las Vegas' top oddsmakers where the action has gone over the course of the week. Here is the latest installment of their insights into the betting action coming in on the NFL.

1. Which game(s) have had the biggest line move so far?

Chris Andrews, sports book director, South Point casino: We opened the Baltimore Ravens -5.5 over the Cleveland Browns, which went up to -7 and is now settling in at -6.5.

Nick Bogdanovich, director of bookmaking for William Hill: New York Jets-Buffalo Bills and Ravens-Browns are the only two games that have really moved. The Ravens we opened as 6-point favorites and that line moved to 7.

2. Which game(s) have had the biggest public action?

Andrews: The biggest game with two-way action is the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, with public money on both sides. The Packers have the biggest single action from the public, by far.

Bogdanovich: Packers-Vikings and San Francisco 49ers-Carolina Panthers. Public bettors are betting the Packers-Vikings game like crazy as they should -- it is going to be a great Sunday night game. Aaron Rodgers against the Vikings defense will be interesting. Public backers are liking the Panthers to cover the 13.5-point spread, as 83 percent of the total dollars wagered are on the Panthers to cover.

Jay Rood, vice president of race and sports, MGM Resorts International: We had some sharp money come in on Minnesota Vikings +3 over the Green Bay Packers, so we moved the line down to -2.5. The public has come in heavy on Green Bay at 2.5

Randy Blum, race and sportsbook manager, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook: It's early, but so far the Packers seem to be the most popular public play.

3. Which game(s) have had the biggest wiseguy action?

Andrews: I had some play at +3.5 on the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles, but those were strictly number plays. Some of my sharper players are on the Washington Redskins over the Dallas Cowboys.

Bogdanovich: Other than the action on the Jets Thursday, wiseguys to this point are on the Vikings, Cleveland Browns over Baltimore Ravens, and Tennessee Titans against the Detroit Lions. Fifty-five percent of the total dollars wagered on the point spread are backing the Vikings, 54 percent on the Browns against the Ravens, and 59 percent on the Titans against the Lions.

Rood: Vikings over Packers.

Blum: Nothing significant to this point.