Biggest Super Bowl LII bets

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More than $100 million has been bet on each of the past three Super Bowls at Nevada sportsbooks. Last year's thriller between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons attracted an all-time high $138.4 million in bets.

Bookmakers are anticipating even more will be bet this year, when the Patriots take on the underdog Philadelphia Eagles.

Over the next two weeks, ESPN Chalk will keep you up to date on the action -- the biggest bets, the biggest long shots and more -- in our continuously updated file.

Live Super Bowl odds at five Nevada sportsbooks: http://www.espn.com/nfl/lines


• The majority of Las Vegas sportsbooks are rooting for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. The books also need the under.

• There are roughly 25 bets on either the Patriots or Eagles to finish with exactly two or four points at odds of 1,500-1 and 2,500-1 at Station Casinos' sportsbooks.

• With two hours before kickoff, the Westgate SuperBook needs tails on the coin flip for a $10,000 decision.

• UFC chief Dana White at the betting counter at the Red Rock Casino. White was sporting a Patriots shirt.

• As of Sunday morning, 52 percent of tickets and 53 percent of the money at Westgate SuperBook was on Philadelphia. Sixty-one percent of tickets and 70 percent of the money for the total were on the over. For the money line, 76 percent of tickets on were on Philadelphia, while 53 percent of the money on was for New England.

• As of 8 a.m. PT, the best-case scenario for the Westgate SuperBook remains an outright Eagles win and the under.

• The action was evening up significantly at Caesars Palace. At 8 a.m. PT, 57.5 percent of the point-spread bets and 50.8 percent of the money wagered was on the Eagles. Caesars Palace moved the line Sunday morning from Patriots -4.5 to -5.

Early action

• The amount bet on Super Bowl LII is way ahead of pace of the record $138.4 million that was wagered on last year's game at Nevada sportsbooks. As of Saturday night, the amount bet on the game at William Hill was up 120 percent year over year compared to the same time last year.

• Two six-figure money-line bets -- $120,000 and $100,000 -- came in on the Patriots on Saturday at William Hill. The book also took a $100,000 bet on Over 48.5 on Saturday.

• Roughly 24 hours before kickoff, the majority of Las Vegas sportsbooks still need the Patriots. MGM, CG Technology, Station Casinos, Caesars Palace and Stratosphere sportsbooks all reported Saturday afternoon that the Patriots winning, with the game staying under the total was the best-case scenario. (Caesars Palace said the betting action on the over/under was relatively even). The Westgate SuperBook, however, reported an outright Eagles win and the under was its best-case scenario.

• A bettor on Friday at William Hill placed a $1 million money-line bet on the Eagles at +155 odds. If Philadelphia pulls the upset over the New England Patriots, the unnamed bettor would net a $1,550,000 profit.

• On Friday night at Caesars Palace sportsbooks, 61.4 percent of the point-spread bets and nearly 70 percent of the money that had been wagered was on the Eagles. The action was even more lopsided at William Hill, where 85 percent of the money on the point spread was on Philadelphia.

• As of Friday, the betting action on the coin flip was evenly split between heads and tails: 55.4 percent of the bets and 51.9 percent of the money was on heads.

• On Wednesday afternoon, a bettor at the William Hill sportsbook in the Baha Mar Casino in The Bahamas placed two bets on the Eagles, totaling $1.6 million. The bettor put $1.1 million on the Eagles plus-4.5 and another $500,000 on Philadelphia at +4.5 (-115). If the Eagles cover the 4.5-point spread, the bettor would net just over $1.4 million.

The wager is the third seven-figure bet that's been reported on the Super Bowl. All three are on the underdog Eagles.

• Respected bettors have been focused primarily on two things at the Stratosphere: "If they can get 5 or more on the Eagles, they take it," Stratosphere sportsbook director Ed Malinowski said. "And if the money line gets down to -175, they take the Patriots."

Malinowski is still expecting more money on New England to show up in the coming days. He estimates 80 percent of the action will be placed on Saturday and Sunday. "I truly think Patriots money shows up, and this line closes at (New England) -5 or -5.5," Malinowski said. Bettors also heavily backed over 7.5 punts in the game, forcing Malinowski to move the number to 9.5. "Then, they bet the under," Malinowski said. "We don't need eight (punts)."

• As of Wednesday morning, 2.6 times as much money has been bet on the Eagles plus the points as has been on the Patriots at CG Technology. There is nearly twice as much money on the over, according to vice president of risk Jason Simbal.

• William Hill U.S. on Monday reported taking a $1 million money-line bet on the Eagles at +165. It's the second million-dollar bet that's been reported at this point and believed to be from the same customer who placed a multi-million wager on Philadelphia at MGM's sportsbook.

• The Westgate SuperBook dropped the point spread from New England -4.5 to -4 at 12 p.m. on Monday, after taking a bet on the Eagles from "some people we respect," assistant manager Jeff Sherman told ESPN in a text message.

• As of Monday morning, most Las Vegas sportsbooks were still heavy on the Eagles. Nearly three times more money had been bet on Philadelphia on the point spread than had been wagered on the Patriots at Caesars Palace sportsbooks. The Westgate SuperBook was also lopsided toward Philly, with 79 percent of the early money on the Eagles plus the points. The Golden Nugget, however, was more balanced and was one the few books that was still offering New England -5 as of Monday morning. "We like the number (-5), and nobody's making us move," Golden Nugget sportsbook manager Aaron Kessler told ESPN in a social media message. The vast majority of books were at Patriots -4.5.

• The prop bet that had attracted the most handle as of Monday at the SuperBook was "Will James White score a TD?" The Patriots running back opened at "Yes" +280 and "No" - 360. The SuperBook took three limit bets on "Yes" and moved the number to "Yes" +210 and "No" -260.

• A bettor at a CG Technology sportsbook on Friday placed three separate money-line wagers on the Eagles, totaling $700,000, with a potential net win of "over $1 million," according to vice president of risk Jason Simbal. The early action at CG Technology had already been lopsided toward the Eagles, who had attracted nearly three times more point spread bets than the Patriots. Now with the large money-line bets, the book is even more heavy on Philadelphia. "As it stands right now, we need the Patriots," Simbal told ESPN.

• A bettor at the South Point casino Thursday placed four money-line wagers totaling $500,000 on the Eagles, according to sportsbook director Chris Andrews. A Philadelphia win would produce an $820,000 net profit for the unnamed bettor. The bet was first reported by Vegas Stats & Information Network.

• A bettor on Wednesday placed a multimillion-dollar bet on the Philadelphia Eagles at an MGM sportsbook, according to vice president of race and sports Jay Rood. Rood would not reveal many of the details, including the exact amount and whether the bet was a money-line or straight bet on the point spread. The Super Bowl line, however, did drop from Patriots -5.5 to -4.5 around 5 p.m. at MGM sportsbooks.

• The amount bet on Super Bowl LI in the first 24 hours at William Hill US was up more than 30 percent compared to the first full day of wagering on last year's Super Bowl.

"Handle throughout the first three rounds of the playoffs was incredible," Nick Bogdanovich, William Hill director of trading, said in a release. "You combine that momentum with a fantastic matchup and it will be another record-breaking Super Bowl for us."

• Three of the first four five-figure bets placed with Las Vegas sportsbook operator CG Technology were on the Patriots.