Jocks to GIs: Michael Strahan

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March 29-31, 2003

From: Michael Strahan

Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 11:47 AM
To: daniel.elliott
Subject: RE: Hi


It's great to finally be able to retrieve your messages. I had the wrong password and after a while we got it straightened out. It's good to know that you're doing well and that everything is going in the right direction.

I am in the second month of workouts and finally the off-season soreness is gone. We work out 4 days a week for a few hours a day. It's one of those short but intense workouts that makes you tired for most of the day. The great thing about it is that you get to hang out and workout with your friends for a few hours.

We finally got our schedule and although it doesn't look easy we feel confident that we can do what we need to do to win the Lombardi award. The first game against the Rams should be great because we both have alot to prove. The second against the Cowboys will definitely be wild because of the presence of Parcells, but the biggest thing is that we are playing against the other players and not Parcells. We lost Sehorn this off-season which is always tough especially for me because we've been with the team together for the last 9 years. If there was one thing I learned from Jason it was to trust in God and he will always show you the right way. So Jason will do very well wherever this crazy business takes him.

I hope you can forgive me for the lapse in time since we first chatted and I hope to talk to you soon. We are still very proud of you and I can't wait until you are all home.

Michael Strahan

From: daniel.elliott

Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2003 2:09 PM
To: Michael Strahan
Subject: RE: Hello from Qatar

Mr. Strahan,

Thanks for the reply. Thank you for the kind and inspiring words. Coming from you, they meant alot.

Is your father a retired Ordnance soldier? Aberdeen was the ideal place to be stationed. DC, Baltimore and Philly being just a short drive away. I used to go to Ravens, Redskins, Eagles, Orioles and Phillies games as much as possible (not fan of any of the teams). Any sporting event outdoors. I'm just a sports fan in general. Heck, I even used to drive up to Dover to go to the NASCAR races and I am not even a fan. I just like the atmosphere. Even with sitting high up in the upper decks for football games or sitting in traffic, there is nothing more exciting than game day. I never was able to get tickets other than upper deck for football games but it was an awesome experience everytime. Every time the Yankees came to Baltimore, I tried to get to the game. Man those Marylanders hate New York teams. I had the privilege of attending the opening day for Cal Ripken's Aberdeen Ironbirds. After several phone calls to the head office, I somehow managed to get the go ahead for my drill sergeants to perform as the color guard for the opening ceremonies.

I had the opportunity to meet Roger Clemens when he came here to Qatar over the holidays. I hate to think that this might be his last season. I wouldn't have minded seeing him pitch at least one game this year. Not going to happen since I don't leave here until November. I think that the things he said when he was here really opened my eyes about professional athletes. He talked about how this had more of an impact on him then riding in a ticker tape parade through NY City. I have always had a respect for what you guys do on the field. Week after week getting out there, sometimes in the cold, mud sometimes on turf....you guys go out there and give 110% everytime...injured or not. You guys sacrifice your bodies to play the game that we all love. This was the first opportunity I have got to see a professional athlete upclose and personal.

I spent 3 years in Frankfurt when I was an enlisted soldier as an a military policeman in the 1986-1989. I use to go to the American High School football games and I used to help coach the wrestling team. Germany was a fun place.

People protesting the war really doesn't bother me. I don't like to see when they get out of hand but I do like to see people expressing their right of freedom of speech. That's what being an American is all about...having the freedoms is what makes our country great. I listen to most and hear this rhetoric about oil. Oil is important because it is going to be what stablizes the post-Saddam economy. I don't think the oil will benefit the US at all since our major oil supplier is Venezuela. When I was in Bosnia and keeping the peace there..what made it all worthwhile was seeing the kids, for the first time in their lives, being able to go outside and play and live a life without fear. I think some people overlook the underlying issue, which is human rights. I don't understand why the arab neighbors hadn't stepped in to put an end to Saddam but I'm glad the US finally did. It won't end the war on terrorism but it is a huge step in the right direction.

Thanks for the praise. Keep playing the game.

Your thoughts on the team losing Jason Sehorn? What's life like in the off season?

No way am I a Cowboys fan.

What's the address to the Giants home office where I could send you a t-shirt from over here?


Dan Elliott

See previous e-mail between Michael Strahan and Capt. Daniel Elliott:

March 29-31, 2003