Jocks to GIs: David Carr

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April 2, 2003 | April 4-14

From: David Carr

Sent: Tuesday, May 6, 2003 11:50 PM
To: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS
Subject: RE: Newspaper Article


How's it going? Good here. I have been playing a little golf lately on my off time. Next week I have 3 golf tournaments. That's a bit much for one week, but I'm enjoying it while I can. Do you play golf? My buddy Trent Dilfer told me QB's have to be good at golf so I try and practice when I get the chance. He's a scratch player. Talking about Trent, did you hear the horrible news about his son? His 5 year old son passed away last Sunday after a 40 day battle with a virus attacking his heart. It was devastating for him, his wife Cass, and the rest of the family. Our heart goes out to them, that is something a parent should never have to go through.

Well, that would be great if you get to go home soon. I'm sure your family can't wait to see you. My brother-in-law got to call home for the first time since he left just 3 days ago. Although he could not say much, he couldn't say where he was or when he'll be back or what he was doing. But everyone was just happy to hear his voice. I'm sure he'll have some interesting stories to tell when he comes home.

I saw the article in the Houston paper about us. It was a great article. I don't usually read the newspaper cause during the season you can get caught up in what people think bad or good and it gets old. My wife found the one on us and cut it out so I would read it. I also saw a picture of you and your buddies and you were in a Texans jersey. Only thing is, it was an Aaron Glen jersey, so I was thinking, you need one of my jerseys! So if you don't already have one I would like to send you one. Just tell me where to send it.

Rookie camp starts Monday. I can't wait to see what's going on with these new guys. Andre has called me a few times, he's a great guy. I'm not sure when we'll get to throw, hopefully soon. I'm ready to start up again. My wife says we have a few more vacations to go before we start football back up again. Once football starts I'm pretty much gone most of the time. We start practicing soon. It should be fun, we're going to be a much improved team this year.

Take care & God Bless,


From: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Saturday, May 3, 2003 7:16 AM
To: David Carr
Subject: Newspaper Article

Dave -

Good morning. How are you? I'm doing well, just trying to get out of here ... I think another month and a half and I'll be gone. I am so looking forward to getting home to see my fiancee and my kids. I miss them all so much. Has your brother-in-law been in contact with you guys? Does he know when he'll be able to leave Iraq yet? I hope he's doing well. Those guys up there deserve so much credit for what they have done. I know they have my, and a lot of other folks', admiration.

Did you see the newspaper article Joseph Duarte did? I saw it on the Chronicle website ... I thought it was great. He's gonna send my fiancee a hard copy of it, so I can have it as a keepsake. Very cool. I know you are always in the paper, but I don't usually get the chance to be in the paper, or a website like ESPN, too often ... well, okay, never. :-)

So, when do you get to start throwing to Andre? Have you had a chance to talk with him much? I think with Corey Bradford, Jabar Gaffney, and now Andre, you'll have 3 really good receivers to throw to. Then, when you add in your tight ends, and if Mack can be a big back out of the backfield, along with your beefed up O-line, I know you are gonna have a great year. I'm gonna go out on a limb here ... I'm predicting ... 7 wins. Just my hunch ... I have a feeling you guys will do some damage this year. Trust me, I'd love to see you go all the way, but I am a realistic fan. You guys have gotten a lot better in the off season. I think you'll surprise a few teams this year. If you can get over 7 wins, who knows, you guys are all young, they built the team right in doing that. Get you all young, keep you all together, give you a great foundation to win. I tell you, the management and coaches are right on track with the development of this team. I'm already excited about football season ... and it's only early May. :-)

Well, I just wanted to say hi, see how you were and see if you saw the article. Thanks again for doing this. I know you are only my "pen pal" for 2 months, but I'd really like to keep in touch every now and then if you want to. If not, I understand. I'm sure you have plenty of other things to keep you busy.

Hey, take care, please wish your bother-in-law Godspeed for me for a quick and safe return. My best to your family.


From: David Carr

Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2003 9:55 PM
To: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS
Subject: RE: Easter


What's up? Did you get your Easter egg hunt you wanted? My family and I had a great time. My 2 year old really had a blast hunting for eggs. We made it fun for the older kids by putting some money in the eggs. They really liked that!

Well, today was the draft and we got Andre Johnson. He's a big guy and a great player, he will be a good addition to the team. I personally can't wait to start throwing the ball around with him. It should be exciting to see all the new rookies this year. I'm glad I'm not one of them any more. It's their turn to come to Houston and get lost on the highways a few times.

I saw on the news some troops are coming home. That's great. Any news on when you get to come home? I know my wife and her family hope her brother will be one of them to come back soon. At least it seems most of the fighting is over. Hopefully that is true.

I think it's awesome that the Super Bowl is in Houston this year! And we will definitely play hard so we can make it! But I think that even if the "Big one" was not in Houston we would still play as hard as we could to make it. Every player dreams about making it to the Super Bowl, but not many get the chance to actually play in it. I know we are a good enough team and someday we will win the Super Bowl.

God Bless,


From: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 10:51 AM
To: David Carr
Subject: Easter

Dave -

Hi. How was your Easter? Did you enjoy being back home with your family
and all? Did you Easter egg hunt, too? :-)

I hope all is well. Tthe Chronicle is doing a story on you and I
about the pen pal thing ... kinda cool, huh? I mean, you get mentioned all
the time in the paper ... this is kinda new to me. But Joseph Duarte is the
writer and he has already contacted my sister in Houston and my fiancee in
Bossier City. I've answered quite a few questions, but I think it'll be a
good article ... I hope.

Okay, well, if I don't talk to you until after the draft, I hope you get the
"present" you need ... you know I'd like it to be Andre Johnson, but maybe
that is just the Miami fan in me. But having another fast receiver sure
wouldn't hurt either, huh?

Hope all is well. My best to your wife and kids, too.

Take care,