Jocks to GIs: Mike Modano

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April 2-8

From: Mike Modano

Sent: Tuesday, May 6, 2003 4:47 PM
To: Thibodeau David SSgt 384 EMDG/Decon
Subject: RE: Guess Who's Back?

Hey David,

Well. it's all over. Just like that it comes to an end. Congratulations on your award. Yeah, they've been talking a lot about the emails you and I have exchanged.

Another summer in store, a lot of traveling and unwinding going to be done. Glad you are home and with your family. I'll keep in touch.

Take care,


From: Thibodeau David SSgt 384 EMDG/Decon

Sent: Monday, May 5, 2003 8:48 AM
To: Mike Modano
Subject: Guess Who's Back?


I tried to send you an E-mail a week ago but I don't think it went through. My E-Mail was acting up. I wish I could have told you where I was going on the last E-mail I sent you. It is really hard not to tell someone you're coming home after being in the desert for almost 10 weeks.

Yes that's right I am HOME. Just before I left my deployed location and came back home my wife's phone was ringing off the hook. My friends were calling her to tell her that I was on TV. During game five of the Dallas vs Edmonton Series they started talking about how you were talking to a GI. They put my picture up and everything. I know you're on TV all the time and it might be something you are used to, but it is my first time making it on ESPN. I have always wanted to make it on ESPN but it was supposed to be on a top ten play or being interviewed on NHL 2Night about my great goaltending capabilities. If you're going to dream, dream big! I guess being talked about on ESPN will have to do even though. I did not get to see it. How sad is that? I made it on ESPN and did not see it!

I thought being selected as Air Force 2001 Health Care Manager NCO of the Year was my most famous moment in my life. They put my picture on our career field Web Page. I guess more people saw me on ESPN but winning the Air Force award was more gratifying. The award is given every year to a member in the Health Care Manager Career Field. The award is given to an Airman, Noncommissioned Officer and Senior Noncommissioned Officer. A board, made up of our peer's review the member's contributions to their job, the furthering of their education and volunteerism and selects the best candidate. It means a lot to be selected by your peers because it shows that you are the best in your career.

Anyway, enough about me. I am still a little excited about the whole ESPN thing that I never got to see. I hope everything goes as planned tonight in Anaheim.

Anyway, I know you're busy and I will let you go. Talk to you soon.

From: Mike Modano

Sent: Friday, April 18, 2003 2:48 AM
To: Thibodeau David SSgt 384 EMDG/Decon
Subject: RE: Moving Locations

Hey David,

I was finally able to get on the computer since we got back from Edmonton. It was tough getting off the plane up there when it's 85 degrees in Dallas and 40 and rainy in Edmonton!! We have to head back up there tomorrow afternoon and try to close this series out Saturday night. If not, we have game 7 back here on Monday.

The poor old Wings, my buddy Brett Hull will be real pissed for awhile until he gets on the golf course and gets a couple birdies. He'll forget real quick what had happened a week ago.

I agree on the food thing down here, there's tons of restaurants and fun places to hang out at.

Well David, when your days are up over there, we definitely have to get you to Dallas and check out some hockey games and just see some of the sights. I guess we can figure that stuff out later.

Take care and I'll talk with you on Sunday or Monday.


From: Thibodeau David SSgt 384 EMDG/Decon

Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 9:38 AM
To: Mike Modano
Subject: Moving Location


So the series is tied at two games apiece. Hopefully you will be able to wrap the series up soon. At least you're not Detroit. LOL. Down with the Red Wings. You know I am a Big Devils fan and of course how can I not like you and the Stars. I will say one thing though. Everyone who is sick of the Wings loves the Ducks in this round. We will start to hate them when they face you.

Quick update about home. My wife is in the running for Mrs. Wyoming. She is one of 26 finalists. They will be having a Pageant in July to determine who will represent Wyoming in Hawaii for the Mrs. America Pageant. We have never been to Hawaii before. My daughter has been wanting to go ever since she saw the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. I hope she wins but getting this far is such a big honor for her. It is very exciting!

I have been talking tons about my family since I have been e-mailing you. I guess I should start talking about something else. I'm in the United States Air Force. The most powerful Air Force in the World. We have no equal. If you were to go to war you would not want to be on any other team. I don't like war or agree that it should ever get to that. Now saying that, I do believe that war is neccessary in this time and age to remove some lunatics out of power to remove the risk to the world and to their own people. I hope that people back home understand that the culture here is amazing. If you could get over the whole hot thing the culture and history is amazing. All we hear on the news are the former leader of Iraqi and his followers. So all we know about are some lunatics.

I know you're very busy with the playoffs and understand that it can be difficult to E-mail me. I will just blame it on Edmonton for being a pain this round. If you want to know about stuff out here, please ask. I guess what is normal day-to-day activity is something different for you. I hope you can take care of Edmonton tonight and take the lead in the series.

I will not be able to be reached at this E-mail address after tomorrow. I'm leaving this location and moving someplace else. I cannot tell you specifics. Actually I cannot tell you anything. Whenever we travel they keep the date, time and place classified to ensure the safety of the troops. I will try to E-mail you as soon as I arrive at my final location and chat some more with you. Hopefully by then you will have taken care of the Edmonton problem and have some more time.

Good luck!