Jocks to GIs: Curt Schilling

From: Taylor Aaron SSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Friday, April 4, 2003 8:00 AM
To: Curt Schilling
Subject: RE: And a good day to you too.

Mr. Schilling

Wow, today I actually got off of work at a decent time!

Again, it was great to hear from you. This program is just great!

I thought that was very interesting that you have such a large military background. I too have a military history in the family. My father was in the Army way back in the day from '49-53, so I wasn't exactly a military brat, a bit before my time. My grandfather and great uncle were in the Marine Corps back in WWII in the pacific. I have 2 uncles that served in the Corps during Vietnam (not sure exactly what they did though, infantry I believe). A couple of cousins that served in the Corps. My brother-in-law is a former Marine as well. So I joined the Air Force.......which doesn't exactly follow suit, but all of them say I made the right choice.

The Air Force is a great place to live! Quality of Life is a big issue with the AF. Taking care of the people as people is of big importance. I believe in the term "Take care of your people, and they take care of the mission". Here where we are, I do look after some of the younger troops. Even though this is my first deployment, I still have some time under my belt, and know to take care of my troops. If they are doing well, that's less I have to worry about the job getting done.

And yes, I am the "My computer is broken, can you fix it?" That's funny, but true......and I receive some crazy jobs. But I keep it together, and help out anyone the best I can. I have to to tell my troops to always be professional, not everyone who works with a computer knows about computers.......especially like when I get a call about a computer or monitor not working, and to try and troubleshoot over the phone, only to find the power surge protector is not on.........happens more than one might think......

It's also a good job in the fact that if something goes wrong with out home computer, or someone in the family, I get the call and can help. Some computer repair places are like bad car mechanics.........and that just makes me so mad.....

That's cool you're into the rock stuff. My first concert was Van Halen....with Sammy on the 5150 tour, I still like the early stuff with Dave though. I have seen Rush a couple of times in Phoenix, I think they are some of most talented musicians around. I have been playing AC/DC at work a whole lot since the war kicked off. I don't know, there's just something about that music that matches up great with everything going on. Gets the blood pumping and the heart going....

I have this file that someone created using the speech that the President gave right after the Sept 11 attacks, mixed in with Metallica.......talk about getting down to business with that one! I think Metallica has come a long, long way from the early days!

Well Mr. Schilling, I need to run for now. I'm going to go have some dinner, and remember those three beers we're allowed? I hear them calling me.

Take care, and Thank you so much for your support, I truly mean that. When I see people holding the signs, and flags and messages support us troops here, I feel it in my heart.

Thank you again, very much!


Aaron Taylor

From: Taylor Aaron SSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Friday, April 4, 2003 12:58 AM
To: Curt Schilling
Subject: RE: Hey There!

Mr. Schilling

Sir, you totally made my day today!! It's great to hear from you!

Around here is really just another day. We have the news going 24 hours, and it looks like things are going well. I just hope that there isn't some big surprise awaiting us in Baghdad, I know it could turn bad, real quickly. But we are the strongest military the world has ever seen, and I am very proud to be a part of this team. I like to hear the President speak, that we will not fail, and will be victorious. It fires me up, and gets me ready to go. I heard General Myers this morning talking about taking the fight to them.....I love hearing that, we take the fight there, so we don't fight on our turf!

Here in Oman, we're not required to wear our chem suits or masks, but I have carried mine since day one. A few people have teased me here and there, but the way I see it I would rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it, you know? So I carry my pack where ever I go, my brother in law is a former Marine, and Desert Storm vet, so he got me all prepared to come over here.

My family is doing well, the reason my baby girl was in the hospital for so long was, she was born 2 months early, and my wife was having complications. So she was born, and was in the NICU for a while, where she was doing really well, then she got sick in there, and had to stay for a while longer. Now she is doing great! My wife said she's just eating so much, and gaining so much weight. I was just happy for her to be home before I left. That would have been even harder for me to leave, and have her in the hospital.

This is my first deployment of any kind. When I first joined, I was stationed at Scott AFB, IL. That is just across the river from St. Louis. I was there from '95-2000. My wife and I got married in '98, and she moved out there with me (She is from Eloy, AZ about an hour south from Phoenix, straight down I-10).

Then in 2000 I got orders to South Korea, where my family could not go with me. That was tough, my wife had only been in St Louis about a year and a half, and I had to leave.

I was stationed at Osan Air Base, South Korea, which is oh, about 40 miles or so from the DMZ. That was a very interesting place to be. I got to take a tour of the DMZ, and actually see the North Koreans, armed, looking right back at us. An eye opener to say the least. I wouldn't have wanted my family there even if they could have gone. There's just something uncomfortable about learning to put a gas mask on your family members.......especially young kids.

I spent a year there, and got my 2nd choice of assignment coming back since I was coming off of a remote tour. My first choice was Luke, and D-M was second. Now, I am happy I got Tucson. It's kind of got the feel of a big town, rather than a big city.....we really enjoy it there, and since we are both from AZ, I don't have to take leave to see the family.

Spending time in St Louis was great and what a great time it was to be a baseball fan, and in St Louis during that time.

When Mark McGwire had his 70 home run year, I was fortunate to see him hit number 60 in person. I took my son to his first baseball game at Busch stadium, to see the Cardinals and Mark McGwire. Granted he was only a baby at the time, but I still like to think he enjoyed it, and that opened him up to the wonderful game.

Now he loves going to see you guys play at Bank One! Last spring I took him down the road to TEP, where we got to watch you guys work in Spring Training, which he really liked also. This year, I obviously couldn't. But the family is ready to cheer you guys on when I get back!

Now my son is a big baseball fan, he loves to play the game so much. Last year he was in Tee-Ball for the first time, and I was one of his coaches (which was a first for me as well).

This year, he is playing tee-ball again, but at first he said he didn't want to, because daddy wasn't there to coach, that broke my heart. But I got to talk to him, and he agreed to play, as long as him and I would go down to the park where he plays, and the two of us play when I get back.

I think that's great that you are into computers. Believe it or not, I didn't even get a home computer until I deployed, so my wife and I can chat through e-mail. That's because I sit in front of a computer all day at work, and the last thing I really want to do is get on another computer. My wife likes it though, especially E-Bay......believe me......I should have stock in that company....ha-ha

Right now, we're not allowed to call home, so e-mail is a wonderful tool. We have to keep the lines open for Wartime Operations. The last thing we want is to not be able to send out a mission because people can't get through the phone, and comm lines.

I'll have to send you some pictures of around here. We walk everywhere, because the site here is not that big. It's not a regular base, more like an open area that is surrounded by razor wire and sandbags. The Omani's control the main part of the base, and we are just a small part inside of it. It is truly a big tent city. Really learn to appreciate the small things.....like ice cubes.......what I wouldn't do for a regular glass with ice.....ha-ha

One good thing about this country though, is even though we're in the Middle East, and it is a Muslim country, they allow us to have three beers a day if we want. That is great some days........only three can hit the spot!

Well I need to run, the boss is calling lunchtime, can't argue with that!

Again Sir, it is so great to hear from you. I also look forward to talking more and meeting you someday!

Keep up the great things that you do....After all is is America's Favorite Pastime! I know it is certainly mine!

Take Care, and thank you for the kind words.