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From: Brad Faxon

Sent: Monday, April 7, 2003 10:34 PM
To: Lee Yarbrough 363 EACCS/CREW310
Subject: RE: Lee

Hi Lee,

It is late here in Augusta, about 11 p.m.. Dory, Tommy Lamb, my caddie, and I had sushi tonight. We were written a letter by the owner and he has a 2 year old Japanese sushi and tepenyaki style restaurant. It wasn't bad, but there was a good story. A father and son from NJ had come down to see today's practice round. The dad had been waiting 21 years to get tickets and it got rained out so he was going to go home tomorrow without even setting a foot down on the grounds. This was the first day since 1983 that they have had to close the course for a practice day. Dory and I talked and we offerred him two extra tickets for tomorrow and he is going to come out tomorrow! He was so excited. His son is 22 and a golf nut.

Bad news is that tomorrow is 90% chance of rain! I got to hit balls for an hour and spent some time on the practice chipping green hitting sand shots and lob shots. Green was very soft and I can't imagine what it will be like this soft, it won't be very Augusta like! Course will be long.

My back nine yesterday was unreal. 5 iron to 10, 6 iron to 11, 7 iron to 12, couldn't reach 13, 200 yards to 14, 4 iron to 15 the par 5, and 6 iron to 17 and 3 iron to 18! Pretty tough.

We are watching Fox and they are telling us about the big raid on Saddam and his sons today. Lots of speculation about what is going on and whether he is alive or dead. What coverage do you listen or like? Do you hate any of them?

It sounds like you must have been in the air all day! We hope you get some rest. I will fill you in on the practice rounds and give you any inside info.

I know you are busy, we love hearing from you and understand if you can't write. Have you ever been to the Master's?

Talk to you soon,


PS 41 long!

From: Lee Yarbrough 363 EACCS/CREW310

Sent: Monday, April 7, 2003 12:50 AM
To: Brad Faxon
Subject: Lee

Good morning Brad,

Thanks for the update on Augusta, makes me feel like I am there with you. The weather sounds like it may be a factor, perhaps it will work in your favor leveling the playing field and letting your putter take over. Four days in the "Zone" with your Cameron ...

To reference your question about PT that is military slang for "physical training". Unfortunately I never made it to my run. I had every intention of running, but just didn't have it in me. Went to bed at 9PM and just got up. We are flying in a couple of hours. Won't be over Baghdad today but instead out in the West watching to make sure Iraq doesn't launch any ballistic missiles, especially toward Israel. The West is a nice change of pace for us, but equally important and still just every bit as dangerous.

As for military training we concentrate on cardio and resistance training focusing on toning and being lean as we can, with an emphasis on legs as legs really control the body. If you have a good base everything revolves around that. You look very lean in your photo, are you careful with you diet? Have an occasional beer? What type of program do you have? Cardio and weights? Biggest problem over here is food ... lots of carbs and lots of fat. Not a good combo if you work everyday and can't burn it off.

As for the embedded reporter ... at first I was opposed because I felt they would put us in harms way by revealing sensitive data. But, as time has gone by I see the President's plan more clearly. As we enter this final phase of the regime change it will be more critical than ever to get the much needed public support. Even though the war is going well, I feel our presence in this region will be a protracted event. Also, giving the public a glimpse of what we are like and how we conduct business is a good thing. We are not baby killers our marauders, We have rules. Did you know that before I pass a target to fighter or bomber to destroy they must do a PID and a CDE. PID is Positive Identification. That means the pilot must either have eyes on the target or have 2 other sources that confirm that is indeed the target. See, from my platform all I can suggest is a target because from our altitude all I can detect is movement. Now I have a pretty good understanding of where the enemy is but we must confirm or PID the target first. CDE is Collateral Damage Estimate. We have a matrix and depending on the value of the target the CDE is either low, medium or high. For example, if it is a low priority target next to a Mosque with children playing in it, then the CDE is high and we skip it. We have blown so much stuff up with such minimal civilian damage or causalities. I am proud of that fact.

Well Brad I must close. As usual I probably have written too much, hope you don't mind. Tell your Grandfather hello for me and that I said that everything here is "Bravo Zulu", he will know what that means.


PS - What jacket size are you? You can do it! Get the Cameron fired up my friend ...

From: Brad Faxon

Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2003 9:21 PM
To: Lee Yarbrough 363 EACCS/CREW310
Subject: RE: Sunday afternoon Saudi time (+7 hrs)

Dear Lee,

My gut feeling is that I don't really care if this is the Masters, I am not going to stop our emails because I feel that this is good for both of us. You are sending inspiration this way big time.

Dory and I left 35 degrees in RI this morning and we arrived to 75 and thunderstorms, but we managed to get in 18 holes. I played with Davis Love and Scott Verplank and a good friend of mine that works for Titileist named Peter Broome. Sunday here isn't open to the public and members can play and have one guest. The course was wet from heavy rain this morning but in the condition we expected. The big change this year is the addition of 25 yards and two huge fairway bunkers to number 5. They are so deep you could only hit a shot 100 yards if you were lucky. The course has been really toughened up the past two years. Not only is it longer with an intermediate cut of rough, there are a lot more trees on several holes. The forecast is not very good this week. They are expecting more rain and storms the next few days and colder as the week goes on. I like it the tougher it gets, although we haven't seen the new Augusta National play hard and fast yet. If the greens get hard and there is wind forget it. Par might win.

You said when you got back from your sortie that you were waiting to go to PT. Is that a workout? It must be hot. My 95 year old grandfather came over yesterday. He fought in WWII in the Navy and was in the Persian Gulf and went to Basrah and said it was the hottest place he could remember. He loved reading our emails and couldn't believe that we could communicate. I guess the internet wasn't that big a deal in 1946!

I want to ask you what your feeling are on having the media so up close with you. It seems like everywhere you go there is coverage of absolutely everything. We heard about David Bloom from NBC today and heard he had died. We heard it was from an aneurysm, not from battle, but I am not sure we should have the right to know everything that goes on. Nevermind that they could get killed, there have already been a few reporters that have revealed battle plans.

I would think that it would be very hard at times to tell who is the enemy over there. You guys must have to be on guard at all times. There is no comparing war to golf, but we need that focus you have to play well, especially this week when conditions are tough and there can be so many distractions. You know when you play this week that there will be some tough breaks and unfair things happen, it usually comes down to who can handle that the best. You have to be persistent and determined and patient all at the same time.

Anita sounds like a champion. It must help her having your daughter and father with her. The busier she can stay the better would be my bet. Please give her our best and know that we are thinking of you all the time. I can't wait for you to get back and try the new 983K!

I would love to know what kind of work out stuff you can do over there. You look to be in pretty good shape. The conditioning craze has hit the TOUR and everyone is now doing something.

Time to hit the sack. Take it easy Lee and God Bless.

Your friend,


From: Lee Yarbrough 363 EACCS/CREW310

Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2003 7:24 AM
To: Brad Faxon
Subject: Sunday afternoon Saudi time (+7 hrs)

Hi Brad,

As you read this I suspect you are heading out the door for the lush turf of Augusta...Aah! What a nice mental image that is!

We landed this morning after an almost 13 hour sortie, seems like some of these missions are more painful than others. Most of the time, the time flies and you are not ready to leave the fight and other times it seems as if you are taking years off your life. Last night was one of those missions when I landed I felt like I had aged 5 years. We are in a transition mode right now and requirements for my platform are not quite as dramatic as before, but still valuable none the less.

I am really pulling for you this week. I am not really superstitious, but I know when to go with a gut feeling, and I really have a good feeling about your chances this week. I wont say anymore about that, but I know you are prepared and that Cameron putter of yours is going to get hot.

As for golf in Iraq I have yet to see a golf course in that country. I am sure there are one or two, but not many. Perhaps one day you can design courses there for the liberated people.

Will your family be with you at Augusta? If so, that is so cool to keep a sense of normalcy during such an important time. I have not spoken to Anita in 3 weeks as we are not allowed telephone access. I must rely on email, and even though she sounds strong in emails, I can sense when she is having her bad days. She is a remarkable woman who is maturing into an unreal military spouse. She has the burden of taking care of our house, an 8 year old daughter, as well as being there for my 78 year old father who lives with us; not to mention she is a 6th grade science teacher with 72 pupils and all the while she is 5 months pregnant! WOW! I think she has it tougher than any of us.

Well Mr. Faxon, I must bid you adieu. I don't fly until tomorrow and I am waiting for the sun to go down so I can go PT. Too hot to run during daylight hours, just can't stay hydrated.

I look forward to watching your results on ESPN.com and PGA.com and possibly hearing from you via email. Please understand that I know this is a special week and I do not want to interfere with your concentration or routine, so if I don't get an email I will catch up with you after the tournament.

Your friend,


PS - Got me very excitied talking about the 983 K and the other cool new stuff Titileist has to offer. I would be more than happy to permanently demo anything you and your buds at Titileist have to offer...