Jocks to GIs: Rod Brind'Amour

From: Rod Brind'Amour

Sent: Monday, April 7, 2003 10:38 AM
To: Markos Martin SSgt 444 AEG
Subject: RE: Got it


I received your e-mail today, and will try again with this computer stuff. I am glad to hear that you guys are feeling good about how things are going and your morale is still high. I would guess that the hardest part of this whole thing for a lot of you might be being away from your family for so long and to me that sacrifice is as tough as the mission you all are on.

I am sure you would rather I talk a little hockey. I unfortunately have been out of action since January with a hand injury, so I did not play the last half of the year. We had a terrible year and can only look forward to next season. As for the rest of this year don't overlook the Canucks, they almost knocked off your Wings last year.

I hope all is well. Stay safe,


From: Markos Martin SSgt 444 AEG

Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2003 4:32 AM
To: Rod Brind'Amour
Subject: Got it

Mr. Brind'Amour

Just wanted to assure you that I received your email, and let you know that I was pretty stoked about it. Thanks for the kind words, they always mean a lot. I am sure no one over here considers theirselves heroic in any sense of the word. In our eyes, the likes of Jessica Lynch, the soldiers who went in to get her, those who have lost their lives, they are Hero's in every sense of the word. It makes me proud to serve along side of them.

I was just on ESPN.com and noticed you have a game tonight. Good luck, I hope all goes well. Hopefully you can get the W, and close out the season on a positive note. Know that I will be tracking the game with much more interest than normal to see how things go for you! I also noticed that the seeds have been set for both conferences. Lots of interesting match ups. The Blues/Avs match up could be a good one, especially now that they have Pronger back and the addition of Osgood. Guess we will have to wait and see. You think there are any sleepers in this years playoffs?

Also got the updates on the NCAA tournament, looked like there was at least one good game last night (Cuse and Texas). I do know my brackets are trash now. Do you watch many other sports while you are not playing?

Things are pretty quiet around here today, and that is always a good thing. Morale around camp seems to be pretty high, even in this environment, and these conditions. I guess the folks know we are here to do a job, and complete our mission at hand. It's hard to imagine what things are like back there. I know the news is plastering this stuff 24/7. Did you get the news today that we are sending some of our finest forward? It is one thing to see it on the news, its another to see your co-workers and friends get on that plane to go (Team Altus, hua). Its a bitter reality at times.

I look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule, it is a thrill for me, as well as the rest of my co-workers to hear from you.

Thanks again.


Marty Markos
PERSCO Deployed

From: Rod Brind'Amour

Sent: Saturday, April 5, 2003 1:23 PM
To: Markos Martin SSgt 444 AEG
Subject: RE: Hockeytown

Dear Martin,

My name is Rod Brindamour and I would just like to introduce myself and thank you for your email.I just today received the information as to how to contact you and with my sad knowhow on the computer I am not sure if you will get this.

Let me just start off by saying that I feel what you and your fellow colleagues are doing is heroic.I also want to thank you for the sacrifice you are making to assure freedom reigns. I want you to know how much we are behind you and appreciate all that you guys are doing.There is not one moment that the T.V. in the dressing room isn't glued to the events taking place over there, and all the guys watch eagerly and proudly the work you guys are doing.

Getting to your hockey questions, I think your Wings have a great chance again and having played them last year in the finals, I feel if they get there they will most likely win.The one great thing about hockey is that all the teams in the playoffs have a pretty good chance of winning, so you never know.

Good luck to you with your mission. I hope we can talk again. God bless.

Rod Brindamour

From: Markos Martin SSgt 444 AEG

Sent: Thursday, April 3, 2003 1:36 PM
To: Rod Brind'Amour
Subject: Hockeytown

Mr. Brind'Amour

Let me start off by saying thanks for this unique opportunity. I appreciate
the time that you, along with the other athletes participating in this
program, have taken from your busy schedule to show your support.

I guess I should start off telling you a little bit about myself. I was
born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. After graduation, I joined the
Air Force, and have been traveling around for the last 10 years. At this
point, I am stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force, in Ohio. I have two
children, Avery (8) and Alyson (7) who reside in Michigan. Now, I am here at
a classified location in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am a part of
the PERSCO team here, in charge of the accountability of personnel for our

I have to say, when I first applied for this, I thought there was no chance
that I was going to be chosen. But after the fact, I was more concerned
that they were going to pair me up with an Avalanche player! You know
growing up in Michigan, I am a die hard Wings fan, and although this is a
good cause, you have to draw the line somewhere. Let me just say that to be
paired with a great player like yourself is an honor.

So with the playoffs looming, do you see a team that looks like that have an
edge? Personally, like the Wings to come out of the West (of course, did
you expect anything less?), and out of the East I like Ottawa. Although
Toronto seems to be peaking at the right time.

I look forward to hearing from you over the next month or so. And once
again, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule in support of
the troops.


Marty Markos