Jocks to GIs: Mike Vick

From: Mike Vick
Sent: Monday, April 7, 2003 6:27 PM
To: Geist, Angela SSgt 410 EMDG
Subject: RE: 1st ESPN Pen Pal Letter

Dear Angela,

First I want to just say thanks for everything you're doing, wherever it is you're doing it since you can't tell us where you're at. I'm so proud of the Americans, like you and your husband, that serve in our military to protect the freedoms that my family and I have.

Sorry for not emailing you back sooner. I have to admit, the only ways I use to communicate with the outside world are my cell phone and my 2way pager so bear with me on the emails, I don't use the computer everyday.

I think that's so cool that they linked the two of us up, you being from Lawrenceville and a huge Falcons fan (I won't hold the part about your husband being a Rams fan against you) and that your dad is working in the press box. That's funny that your dad is friends with White Shoes, who isn't friends with that guy? Tell your dad thanks for the compliments, it means a lot coming from the fans that I love to play for. Oh yeah that also reminds me, have you seen the new Falcons logo? It's pretty tight, I'll have to send you a picture of it, if I can figure out how to do that!

Your job is so important -- what other testing do you do besides water testing? What do you do when you test the water and it isn't healthy to drink it, where do you get your water supply? This is just a whole different world to me that I'm curious about. I think it's great that you love your job and you want to stay in for the long haul. We both love what we do -- as much as I would love to play football for 20 years or more, my body may think differently. But I know that I'm so blessed to make a career and provide for my family doing what I love to do and what I do best -- play football.

Speaking of family, how long have you been away from your husband and daughter? I know how hard that is. My son is 9 months old and it was so hard to be away from him so much during the season, long days at practice and being on the road for games. But it has been great for me to spend so much time with him during the off season.

I guess depending on where you guys are and what you're doing, I don't know if you get to watch any TV or ESPN but the big NCAA men's basketball championship is tonight, are you a basketball fan? I'm pulling for Syracuse tonight, so for now, I need to get going -- gotta get ready to watch the big game with some of my friends and family, keep your spirits up and know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and I'm looking forward to emailing back and forth while you're away.

- Mike

PS - don't laugh but what are DCUs?

From: Geist, Angela SSgt 410 EMDG
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 11:39 AM
To: Mike Vick
Subject: 1st ESPN Pen Pal Letter

Mr. Vick,

Hello! I was chosen to be your pen pal while I'm deployed. I've been in the Air Force for 5 years and 5 months now. My rank is staff sergeant (SSgt). This is my second deployment to South West Asia, or what we call "the sandbox". I'm currently at a classified location. I have a 2 yearold daughter, Emily, and a husband who is also in the AIr Force. He's at home right now taking care of our daughter. I'm 23 years old & from Lawrenceville, GA. My parents and 2 sisters still live in GA. Their house is about 30 - 45 min from the Falcons new training camp at Flowery Branch. About a year ago when I went to visit my parents and sisters my Dad, Paul Rolando, took me to the new training camp to visit a good friend of his, Billy Whiteshoes. My Dad is a truck tire sales manager for Michelin tires and now has a part time job for the Falcons (which he loves) working in the press box. My Dad said that he's had lunch with you a few times, seen you at the training camp and games, and has talked to you several times. He has told me that you're a wonderful guy and he thinks you're extremely talented. I agree about the talent and hope to meet you one day.

I'm a Bioenvironmental Engineering Tech. and stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM. Bioenvironmental Engineering, or Bio as we call ourselves, conducts surveys to ensure the health of the workers on our base. We conduct surveys in the following areas: Ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation (radiofrequency and lasers), ventilation systems, ergonomics, hazardous chemicals, personal protective equipment, hazardous noise, lead based paint, respirator protection, asbestos, water, hazardous waste, soil sampling, etc. In field conditions we do A LOT of water testing to ensure the water military personnel are drinking is free of bacteria, doesn't contain hazardous chemicals and that the pH and chlorine levels are within a certain amount so people don't get sick. This is a full time job in itself, but we (Bio) manage to conduct various surveys and respond to emergencies with various chemicals. I love doing my job! In fact I love the Air Force so much that I plan on staying in 20 years or more.

I enjoy being deployed, except for being away from my family. That's the hard part. I have received a lot of mail from my family, friends, anf co-workers back home. This and e-mails has made it easier to be away from familiar suroundings. I was talking to my daughter when I first got here, but I haven't been able to use the phone in a few weeks
now, so I've only had e-mail & phone communications with my family. I was thrilled when I found out that I got picked to have you as my pen pal because I love the Atlanta Falcons and GA in general. Plus, like I said before, my Dad said that you're a great guy. I have your autograph and pictures I've taken of you on the field in my spare bedroom at home. When ever I tell anyone that I have your autograph they don't believe me & I have to show it to them. I enjoy this. I love watching football, but I only watch the Falcons games and a few Rams games every now & then. (This is only because my husband is a big Rams fan & he watches the games).

The time difference from GA to where I am is 8 hours behind. I need to close this so I can change out of my uniform, DCUs, and write to my sister. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you & spending the next few weeks as your pen pal.


NCOIC, Bioenvironmental Engineering