Jocks to GIs: David Carr

From: David Carr

Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 9:19 PM
To: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS
Subject: RE: Pen Pal program


Hey how you doing? I'm glad we both got to join this program I think it is great! You sound like you have a busy job over there! My brother in-law is in the Marines stationed in Iraq somewhere right now. He is in the 1st Marines 1st LAR. I also have a cousin who is in the Air Force. He is stationed in Montana. He guards the underground missle sites I guess. They have both only been in for about 2 yrs each.

Well, its nice to hear from some one from Houston. I was excited to be drafted by the Texans even though I am from California I had heard lots of great things about Houston. Mr. McNair and the rest of the coaching staff is awesome.

I stopped counting how many times I got sacked after 50 times. It felt like 500. I think this year should be better, I sure hope so cause I don't think I could go through that again.

University of Houston is a great school. My brother went there last year and played ball for them. But he decided he would rather coach football, so this year he will be starting at Houston Baptist College. So is your family here in Houston? I'm sure I could get you some ticketts for a game if you get your job here. The games are pretty exciting. I'm sure you'd have fun.

My Family and I are praying for you and all your buddies over there. So write back any time, I will be looking forward to hearing from you.


David Carr

From: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 10:43 AM
To: David Carr
Subject: Pen Pal program


How are you. Wow, I didn't think I would be able to get into this
program. I am very happy about this. I am a Houston native, stationed at
Barksdale Air Force Base, deployed to Oman. I've been here about 6 weeks
and well, it sure isn't home. Oh, by the way, my name is Mike McKenzie, I
am a master sergeant, I have been in the AF for almost 19 years. I am in
the 405th Communications Squadron over here...our job, overall without
divulging anything "classified" is to get everyone hooked up with phones,
e-mail, internet, radios, etc., You know, anything communications related.

Our guys stay pretty busy. My job is to run the Communications Focal Point
(CFP) where anyone on base that has troubles with the above type stuff calls
and lets us know. Our guys either help them out or send the info to the
appropriate office to get the problem fixed. Kinda boring at times, but
when the entire base loses phones or e-mail, it gets kinda interesting.

I watched just about every game last year you guys played in ... being an old
Oilers fan, I was so happy to see an organization that was committed to
winning. It was very impressive how you just came right in and picked up on
everything. I was truly amazed at your ability to take every snap. You got
sacked how many times...? Whew ... you must have a tremendous threshold for
pain. You are a bright spot and Mr. McNair did the right thing by taking
you with that pick. You have been a true leader to a brand new team. Thank
you for making Houston a classy football town again.

Thanks, too, for taking time out to do this. I know you must be busy, even
in the off season and with your family and all and this is just a really
nice thing you are doing.

I am trying to get a job, Air Force job that is, at the University of
Houston. I would love to be able to get in to town to see a game in person.
If I get this job, I'm there.

Again, thanks for doing this. I'll write more after I hear back from you.

This is really cool.


Mike McKenzie, MSgt, USAF