Jocks to GIs: Rich Beem

From: Rich Beem

Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 8:01 PM
To: Roy, Clyde P SSgt 485 EMEDS
Subject: support for you guys


Let me tell you a little about myself. I, too, had a military upbringing, with my father working for the government as a golf professional. (Pretty easy gig, eh?) He was in the military for about 5 years before he got out, went to college and then started to work for the government. We lived in Panama from 1980 to 1983 and Berlin from 1983 to 1987. My wife's name is Sara, and we are expecting our first child in August. We are having a boy. I am really excited about that. Don't know if we will have more than one, but time will tell. The baby is due the week of the PGA. I'll play up until she goes into labor, then I'll be off the road for about a month, which will be a blessing in disguise.

When you get home, do you get any time off? If so, I'll have you out to a Tour event as my guest and give you a firsthand look at what goes on. This week at the Masters has been a long one so far. The first round was cancelled because of rain, and it doesn't look like we will have a reprieve any time soon. Hopefully we will be able to get back to playing tomorrow late morning. It's very exciting. TV doesn't do Augusta National justice as far as the elevation changes go. It's so different playing it than watching it. It's also a lot more stressful!

But not nearly as much as your job. I can't tell you how thankful we are to have you guys over there taking care of the USA. The mood of the Tour guys is great. We all watch the war on TV in the locker room and discuss it. We all think it is awesome to have you guys there. And for the protestors, well, screw 'em!

Glad to hear from you. I will check my messages every day now. And as far as no clubs to practice with, you tell me where I can send some, and I will get them there as quickly as possible!

Hope all is well with you and your company.

Be safe and god bless.


From: Roy, Clyde P SSgt 485 EMEDS

Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 8:02 AM
To: Rich Beem
Subject: Hello


Here is a bit of information on myself. I am 32, married and have 3 gorgeous children. I am in the Air Force and am a medic. I have worked every area in a hospital and have found my niche in emergency medicine. Competition is my drug of choice regardless of game or setting. I am deeply rooted in family and it is killing me to be away from them for this time frame. I am from Baton Rouge, La. My current duty station (when I am not deployed) is Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS. If you have any questions you want to ask of me please feel free?

Why did I ask to converse with a PGA member? I love golf. There is nothing about the game that bores or irritates me. I dont get to play enough. I have often told my wife that if there was ever anything I would love to do for a living it would be to play golf professionally. I have my farfetched goal of playing on the senior tour one day. Hopefully when I retire from the AF in 15 years I will be good enough to try it. Every golfing event intrigues me. I have only had the opportunity to attend one golfing event, courtesy of my Dad. He is part owner in his company and has a sky box on 18 at English Turn for the Compaq Classic. Will you be in the field this year? I had the pleasure of watching the 2002 PGA Championship on TV and seeing your outstanding play there. Unfortunately I only got to see hightlights of the tournament before that one where you eagled to win even when Lowry double eagled. I am sure that was an amazing ride. I can only imagine what type of a high you had to be on for those two weeks or so. Anyway enough about my love of golf.

Let's give you a picture of what it is like out here. We sleep in tents that are about 24' x 20'. We each have a cot with a sleeping bag on it. Not necessarily a sealy posturpedic setting. Your personal area, if you're lucky, is about 6 x 9 if there are only 8 in a tent. Right now we have 10 per tent. When we first got here, (sorry can't tell you where here is, it is an "I would have to kill you" type of thing, supposedly) we went through 20 degree nights with no heat. That was fun, for an eskimo. Then we had to deal with the 40knot sand storms. Ever bathe in sand, me neither till we got here. Our showers and bathrooms take away all modesty you thought you had. The showers are open for you to greet your neighbor and the bathrooms have no privacy for those "seated" moments. We are encouraged to take showers every other day to conserve water and sometimes we don't have enough water to even support that. They have added some improvements though. When we first got here we were eating MRE's (meals ready to eat) which aren't bad you just have to get used to them. But now we are getting two hot meals a day, breakfast and dinner. So not too bad. They just opened up an Exchange (military walmart) not very big but carries all the essentials. Our days are long and usually boring, but that is a good thing. Because if I am busy then somebody's been hurt. Well that should paint some type of a picture for you.

The construction group here intend on building a basketball court, volleyball court, softball field and a track but I don't think they have the room for a range. I asked them about mats and nets just to keep us golfers swinging but I dont think they felt any pity on me. A dentist that is out here with me brought some weighted training clubs though. So at least we can pretend to play.

It is a real honor and a huge morale lifter to be able to converse with you. I know you are competing in the Bell South Classic this week and the Masters next week, I would die to be in your shoes for just one week, what a treat. Anyway, what I was saying was I know you will be busy and focused on your game so if you dont get a chance to read my war and peace novel here I understand. I will be anxiously awaiting your reply.

Thank you for participating in this program. It means the world to me to be able to chat with you. Best of luck this week and next. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your pen pal,

Clyde Roy