Jocks to GIs: David Carr

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April 2, 2003

From: David Carr

Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 9:23 PM
To: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS
Subject: RE: How's it Going?


How's it going over there? Sorry I haven't had a chance to write lately. Things can get kinda busy around here sometimes. I have 2 boys and they can be a lot of work. I have a three-year old and I have a 4 month old little boy now too. I can't imagine being away from them for such a long time like you have to do. That must be really hard, but I'm sure they are very proud of their dad!

Well, it looks as if things are getting better in Iraq. I sure hope that's the deal. My wife watches the news non stop hoping she'll get some news on her brother. It was great to see those POW's rescued! I think every one was beginning to wonder if they were even alive. Maybe you'll get to go home soon if things are looking better! That would be nice.

Well, my family and I are going back to California for Easter. We have not been back to our home town in a year, it should be fun. So Happy Easter in case I don't get to talk to you before. Do you guys get to do anything special for Easter? We will have an Easter egg hunt for the kids and get to see all our family and friends we haven't seen forever.

Take Care,


From: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 4:13 AM
To: David Carr
Subject: How's it Going?


How are you? I'm sure you are busy with the off season workouts and getting
ready to see who the Texans will draft for you in a couple of weeks. I just
wanted to drop you a line to see how you were doing.

Things over here are going pretty well. It's HOT, but where I'm at, it's pretty quite. That's a
good thing. We all keep watching the news and watching our guys take over
more and more cities. Its amazing to see the Iraqis coming out and cheering
and tearing down statues of Saddam ... you'd almost think they were happy for
being able to be free, huh? :-)

Life here goes on. I just hope, as I'm sure everyone does, that the war is
over soon and the guys get to go home. Those poor guys on the front have
done such a great job and I think the rest of the world is now seeing why we
are doing what we are doing. Freedom is a very precious thing and I know we
all take it for granted. But when you see how people react, after so many
years of repression, it makes you so happy you are American and the way of
life we have.

Well, I hope all is well back in Houston. I'll be glad to get back and
catch a game. Not too much in the way of entertainment here, but we do have
"combat" bingo, so that's always fun.

Take care and write back when you have a free moment. Have a great weekend!


From: David Carr

Sent: Friday, April 4, 2003 10:03 PM
To: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS
Subject: RE: Good Morning From The Desert


Good Morning. It is 9:30 pm here so I guess that would be morning for you. Sorry to hear about that hot weather. It's starting to get humid here already. I'm used to dry heat. Bakersfield Ca. (that is where I am from) can get to 110 degrees but I still don't think that's as bad as Houston's 90 degree 100 percent humidity. That's going to take me awhile to get used to!

Well, this off season has been awesome! I have actually had time to rest, take a few vacations with my family and did I mention rest? I did continue to work out the entire off season though. I have to be able to take some hard hits next year and not crumble. Last week we just started lifting as a team and doing some running. It's not required that you show up, but it shows who cares about winning.

The schedule looks hard for next year, but you never can tell. Every year teams change, from players to coaching staff, etc. Next year there may be a team in the Super Bowl who wasn't even in the playoffs last year. Last year we lost to the Bengals, which we thought we had that game before it even started. Then we beat the Steelers (in Pittsburgh) who went to the playoffs. That's what is so fun about the NFL ... anyone can win any day!

God Bless,


From: McKenzie Michael MSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Friday, April 4, 2003 12:15 AM
To: David Carr
Subject: RE: Good Morning From The Desert


Good morning, well, where I am at least. :-) Wow, the schedule seems a
little harsh this year ... who did you guys tick off? :-)

How are you? The days over here seem to all run together ... like a bad
episode of "Groundhog Day." :-) What is your normal day like in the
off-season? Do you spend a lot of time going over new plays and training?
I would almost think it is a full-time job for you.

I can see you guys winning at least 6 this year, if not more. If you have a stronger O-line, you'll be
able to get more passes off , and open the holes for your backs to get
through, and let the defense do their job. They were awesome last year.
Especially in Pittsburgh!

The weather here is amazing. It goes from hot in the morning to REAL HOT in
the afternoon. It has been probably over 100 degrees every day since I've
been here. I got here just before Valentine's Day. I think the other days
(all 3 of them) it was only like 90-95. I needed my jacket then. :-) Have
you gotten used to the Houston humidity? My sister and I thought that Mr.
McNair should have named the team Humidity ... it's tough to play in ... it
would give you guys a serious advantage. Look at the Miami
Hurricanes ... they get teams down there and beat them up in the 4th
quarter because of the heat and humidity.

Okay, I'm sure you are busy ... I should get back to work. Thanks again for
participating in this. It really is a great way to express thanks to our
professional athletes who support so openly the troops.

Take care David,