Jocks to GIs: Jennifer Capriati

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April 8 - April 13

From: Jennifer Capriati
Sent: Wednesday April 30, 2003 7:46 AM
To: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Subject: Europe

Hey Mary

how's everything going? i know its been a while but ive been so busy working out and getting ready for Europe I'm too tired to do anything! i leave this Friday to go to Berlin.

so how are things over there? i haven't even seen the news on the latest happenings.
Could u be home in the next few weeks? that calls for a big party! I get home in about 2 months. Hopefully u will be home before me.

Well if i don't hear from u before i leave, I have my computer over there so we can keep in touch.

be safe and be well


From: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 10:54 PM
To: Jennifer Capriati
Subject: Not done yet

Hi Jen!

Sorry it's taken so long to write back... half of my squadron flew home this past Monday so we had to help get them out of town. Not me, though. I'll be here for a few more weeks.

I thought it was calming down, too, but it seems like there are still pockets of resistance throughout the country. I thought I was done dropping bombs, but yesterday I dropped to support the US Army guys on the ground. I guess its not over till the fat lady sings.

So when do you fly to Europe? I suppose in this day and age we will still be able to write back and forth...heck I am in the desert and I have e-mail.

When you get home, I will have to take you for that Simulator ride and tour of the Strike Eagle. I'll even dress you up in my flight suit and flying gear ... we will get a "hero" picture of you in the jet :)

Gotta fly.. Will write again soon,


From: Jennifer Capriati
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 2:01 PM
To: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Subject: RE: American Flag

Hey 'Ginger'

Wow so i get to have an american flag that u brought up with u on one of your flight missions?? Thats awesome! Thank u so much! It reminds ... during the Gulf War, a civilian from kuwait sent me a piece of a scud missile.

I will add the flag to my special collection :) Thank you!

Glad to hear things are going much better over there, at least there is no more combat, but i see there are other battles to be fought ... like who is going to run the country. First the iraqis were happy to be liberated, now they are protesting against us being there. i dont get it.

Back home everything is the same. its been getting pretty hot and humid. in a few weeks i leave for europe where it will be cooler, though. I am going to be over there for a long time, but it'll be fun. I guess we can both relate to be away from for so long.

Well i just wanted to check in and say thanks for thinking of me with the flag. That is really cool.
Stay safe


From: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 9:36 PM
To: Jennifer Capriati
Subject: American Flag

Hi Jen!

I have a surprise for you ...

On my last -- very cool -- sortie over Iraq, I laser guided eighteen 500 lb. bombs, individually to their targets. (I normally would have only guided in my 9 GBU-12s but my wingman's infrared targeting pod broke so I got to lase his 9 bombs to the target as they released from his jet as well.) The targets include Iraqi tanks, aircraft fuselages, armored vehicles and a fuel storage bladder (this one made a HUGE explosion!!) Anyway, the surprise is that you will soon be the proud owner of an American flag that has flown with me over (then) enemy skies of Baghdad and Tikrit (Saddam's hometown). I bought my sister, Kristen, a flag also and flew her's on a great sortie too.

I am now mission complete and we are in the packing and rebuilding phase. No new word yet on our aircrew Missing in Action. I just keep praying that they come home soon. It was extremely exciting to hear of the 7 POWs that were found and returned to their families!! Thank you so much for thinking about us, believe it or not the support we get from friends and family like yourself goes a very long way. I will send your wishes along to my buds.

Congrats on winning the first round, I hope the rest of them go well. Drink lots of water ... but don't get a cramp!!

So you were born in Garden City?? That's awesome! My whole family lives about 10 mins from there. I am from Lake Grove.

About my TV interview ... one of the guys who was also interviewed, had his family tape it so we'll have to sit down an see how it turned out, someday. Maybe we can watch that along with footage of the bombs I've guided ... my "Greatest Hits tape."

Tonight, I'm going to crochet a couple squares on the blanket I've been working on since we arrived. I'm trying to do one a day. It is burgandy red, winter white, and navy blue ... matching my Antique Americana living room. I learned how to crochet 2 days before deploying ... from my friend's Mom, Barbara. I wanted to be able to improve my creative side along with my "steely eyed killer" side! : )

Hope you have a smashing day!!! God Speed.

Mary : )

From: Jennifer Capriati
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 11:51 PM
To: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Subject: RE: Hot Weather

Hey 'Ginger'

I hope all is well and things are calming down a bit. Hopefully the worst is over. Now that there is really no more bombing, do u still have any missions to go on? You probably can't answer that but i thought id ask anyway. Any good news about your fellow soldiers that were missing? I think about you soldiers all the time, risking your lives, and im just so proud. Please give my best to all that are in your camp.

For me, things went well over here in Amelia Island. It's the notheast coast of Florida up near Jacksonville. I played the first round today and won. It was hot, but not nearly as hot as over there im sure.

U know i was born in long island? U said u had grown up there, too. What part? I didnt live there very long, but i was born in garden city. Are u familiar with that part?

I wasnt able to see your tv interview but hopefully one of your friends taped it here back home so i could see a copy. You're a celebrity now! Hopefully one day we will be able to meet in person. I'm looking forward to it.

Well, thats all for now. Peace!

jen :)