ACC/Big East soundoff

The ACC's stunning invite to Miami and Virginia Tech threw many a college sports fan for a loop. Some students, alums, boosters and fans are downright excited about the potential changes. Others feel shortchanged and victimized, at best. If you holler for the Hokies, you may be psyched about the situation, brimming with big-time gridiron potential. If you bleed Duke or Carolina blue, you may be praying to the basketball gods for some hoop hope to emerge out of this mess.

We at SportsNation are appealing to those folks with high stake in this conference soap opera.

Are you ticked off? Is Miami selling out? Are you in the Big East begging for basketball or pining for pigskin? Think this is the greatest thing that ever happened to your program?

If you've got a beef with the current conference situation, we want to hear from you! YOU are SportsNation! Fill out the mailform below to send us your opinion today! We'll run your opinions later on.

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