SportsNation: Happy Festivus!

FestivusWe can trace the origins of the holiday of Festivus all the way back to ... well, roughly the mid-1990s. The creation of the warped minds behind Seinfeld, Festivus celebrates pretty much everything not normally associated with the traditional winter holidays. But a centerpiece of the tradition is the "Airing of Grievances," wherein celebrants ease their burdened souls by unloading on anything and everything that bothers them.

Dan Shanoff celebrated in style in Thursday's Daily Quickie, offering up a whole host of nicely wrapped grievances. He then opened the floor to you, SportsNation, soliciting your holiday grievances in the Morning Quickie Show. Here are some of the best.

I am from New England but can tell you all right now, I am SICK and TIRED of people rallying and rooting for the Red Sox as if they are the David to the Yankee's Goliath! The Red Sox had the second highest payroll in the league last year AND the highest payroll to ever win the World Series!! Of course they are going to be in the playoffs every year with the Yankees!!! And the team complains about the money the Yankees spend. I bet the people in Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and K.C. appreciate it, Red Sox fans.
Malden, MA

In about a week, if/when the Yankees get Beltran/Unit -- that will be BY FAR the biggest grievance I have this year. The fact there's no salary cap in baseball and teams like Oakland need to get pennies on the dollar for their best players -- JOKE!!!!
Chaska, MN

Small-market teams never able to compete with the big boys in baseball. It is really getting old to watch young talent be non-tendered. Great farm systems like Cleveland and Minnesota just can't keep their own players.
Cleveland, OH

My biggest grievance would be anything involving the Yankees. First Randy Johnson (it is inevitable!), then Carlos Beltran (praying he stays in Houston so Roger will come back!), is there anything more sickening than this team constantly reloading? What makes it bearable is that they haven't won in four years!!!!
Bayonne, NJ

Red Sox fans complaining about how much the Yankees spend.
Huntsville, AL

No one should complain about steroids in baseball. We'd all rather see Barry Bonds hit a 98-mph fast ball 460 feet than David Eckstein leg out infield singles all night.
Boston, MA

Please, please ... a college football playoff. I know all the "realists" say it's a pipe dream, but it's the obvious solution to all the problems we have, and it'd be the coolest thing ever.
Washington D.C.

Joe Gibbs - Why, oh why, did you inflict Mark Brunell on us? And the NHL and its players - How can you collectively be so stupid as to jeopardize an already marginal sport?
Washington D.C.

Roy Williams. You are never welcome in Philly. EVER!!
West Chester, PA

Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman! The worst things to happen to hockey. If you remember what hockey is ...
Ottawa, Ontario

No hockey. Owners and players who are WAY too greedy. A system that needs to be fixed, and fans that need to be soothed. Fix the system & get out on the ice, kids - I MISS HOCKEY!!

I'm pissed that people like Allen Iverson can't get a decent #2 guy while an idiot like Kobe runs one of the greatest centers off the team... GO AI!!!
New York City, NY

My biggest sports grievance is Vince Carter. Why is he still considered a great player? He's always injured. He's the biggest cry baby in the NBA. And he plays less defense than any player that has ever played the game.
Newport News, VA

My biggest grievance of this year is the continued perception of Detroit being home to horrible, violent fans. Sure, there's some bad apples out there, but if there's another city that embraces their franchises the way we do in Motown, I'd like to see it. Both the Lions and Tigers have terrible forever, but they still draw big crowds. All I'm sayin' is don't go in the stands.

Detroit, MI

It bothers me that you can go up to Canada and watch some good curling, but except for the Olympics -- when can you ever watch Curling in the U.S.???
Englewood, NJ

I'm stuck in a dead-end job, my neighbors are so freakin' loud I can't get any sleep and I have a crush on Lindsay Lohan. Why God, why???
Three Futile Fans
Arlington, VA

George Castanza had no job, lived with his parents, and still had a new girlfriend in every single episode!
New York, NY

Grievance: Ending a topic on the Daily Quickie that is obviously flourishing.
Atlanta, GA