A Blogosphere Fiesta

We're still reveling in the ending of the Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta we watched last night (or this morning in replays).

So are plenty of fans across the country, including these bloggers:

From jarrett-carter.com
No one knows what this will do for all of the schools in the "LEC," (Little Engine Conference) but it is at the very least inspirational. Not just for athletes who dream of a college education and playing collegiate sports, but for fans who for so long want their chants and their bands heard on a national stage. Read more

From Sports Frog
Was it the greatest game of all time? The mere fact that the question is being asked lets you know how special it was.
Memo to the BCS: You suck. The only reason we got this game was after you were threatened with a lawsuit. And now you are denying this Bronco team a shot at the title. Get a playoff system, and delay the polls til the season is truly underway. Read more

From The Irish Trojan's Blog
Patrick and I were chatting on IM early this morning about the most incredible, amazing, stupendous, phenomenal, unbelievable football game we've ever seen - a.k.a. last night's Fiesta Bowl - and we decided that it needs a name. You know, like the "Music City Miracle" or the "Bush Push," except ideally, the name should refer to the whole game, not just the play that ended it (because really, the Statue of Liberty play that ended it was only, like, the 27th utterly ridiculous and impossible play that occurred in the final few minutes of that game). Read more

From Hepp's Hot Corner
To call it the "Game of the Century" is disgrace. It was only last year when the Rose Bowl between Texas and USC was called the "Game of the Century" and was never going to be topped. I have a hard time believing that two teams who didn't beat any team that didn't finish higher than 21st had a better game than two undefeated teams playing for a National Title and coming down to Vince Young making a game breaking play to win. Overall it comes down to Boise State and Oklahoma would have been a great match up, in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Read more

From SingleIdea.com Sports
From the hook and ladder to the Statue of Liberty, I can't remember the last time I had this much fun watching a game. By the time the game ended, I was convinced that I just witnessed the best Tecmo Bowl ever.

[Chris] Peterson's playing calling was matched by the never say die attitude of Bob Stoops' Sooners. Whatever Stoops told his team after being down by 18 late in the 3rd should be distributed to all coaches in every sport. A team that looked so over matched the majority of the game suddenly put on their capes and got to work taming the Broncos. Read more

From LetsGoMets's blog
Phenomenal stuff, and further proof why College Football > NFL.

While Boise State finishes their season undefeated, it's understood that their conference is not as tough as the others, so they don't quite get the respect that they deserve. But it DOES seem quite unfair to penalize a team just because they're not in the Big 10. If you go undefeated in DIV I NCAA, you should at least get some opportunity to play for the national championship. Read more

From BoiseStateFans.com
I tell you what, I've never been happier to be more wrong in my life. Ever since the Bowl Championship Series selection show announced Boise State would be playing Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl I've been picking the Sooners. Read more

From Coach Finamore's Blog
Coach [Chris] Peterson of Boise should be getting calls from the Alabama AD tomorow morning if Nick Saban doesn't want the job. And if Saban takes the Bama job, the Miami Dolphins should go after Peterson. Read more

From Jose
Folks I didn't make any of this up. This isn't a Hollywood movie, it's not Hoosiers 2, it really happened. I'm SOOO glad I stayed up late. And for those of you that didn't....(points and laughs at you). Read more

From The Barkan Dawg
The roller coaster of emotions in the last five minutes of the game and the overtime were just astounding. I have had people calling and emailing to talk about the game and ask if I stayed up to 1:30 A.M. ET to watch the end. I am so glad I did. … Odds are that this game is 10 times better than the one we will see in the same building next Monday night. Read more

From The 700 Level
That Boise State win gives you reassurance that sports are worth watching. Also, Boise is in Idaho. Read more

From Brooke's Blog
The Broncos were the underdog, and it was inspiring to see them never give up and beat those arrogant Sooners! It pumps me up and it will inspire me for my next block of training.

I have never seen the city of Boise so excited. The town is buzzing about the team and is so proud of them. Read more

From The Cody Report
No one gave undefeated Boise State a chance against Oklahoma. 22 points in the final 90 seconds. I thought the game was over at least 4 times. Read more

From YesButNoButYes
Anyone see last night's Boise State overtime victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl? I know I didn't, and I am seriously bummed about that, because it's already being labeled by some sports reporters as the greatest BCS bowl game ever. Read more