Catching Tuna response from fans

The Tuna announced Monday that he was retiring from coaching, opening a whole can of interesting topics for NFL and Dallas Cowboys fans.

While there is some talk about why Bill Parcells resigned suddenly, what impact, if any, it will have on his legacy and whether T.O. played a role in the decision, most people are looking to the future.

On the ESPN.com Cowboys message board, the fans are talking about who they'd like as a new coach. Their candidates include Chicago defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, Detroit offensive coordinator (and former Rams coach) Mike Martz and Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz. Some also would like to see the return of Jimmy Johnson.

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2 reasons why Parcells leaves

Bill Parcells Rich Kane/US PRESSWIRE Bill Parcells was 34-30 in four seasons as Cowboys coach.

1. Having to put up with the TO stuff all year long wore him out. When you get to be his age, you don't have patience with all the BS that you have to put up with as a coach of TO. I do think he said to the owner either me or TO and the Jones said how about both.

2. The Saints game. Having a former coach come in and dismantle his team crushed his confidence. The Saints won because of game planning and he knows it.
-- weasel199

To me Bill failed to get us to a Superbowl which most of us expected. But he took what was a 5-11 team for 3 straight years and he has built us into a team that will be one of the top competitors for the next several years.

When Bill came we didn't have a QB, Troy Hambrick was the starting RB. And our team as whole was a joke. We now have a QB in place a two headed running attack and a load of talent on both sides of the ball. Bill may not have reached the Cowboys max potential but he left the fridge full for the next coach.
-- royhitemmitt

Maybe it's time for him to get out. Still, there's no denying that he's one of the best ever.

It just didn't look like he was into it.
-- MedicTJ

I think [Bob] Stoops would be a GREAT pick if you go college coach. Many great coaches but few have the make up to be the head guy. Stoops isn't one of them. Many people will tell you he has the ability to get the most from his players. He will hold people accountable (Roy Williams) for their play on the field and accountable off. The best part about Stoops is the ability to judge talent and he wouldn't think twice about replacing a player regardless of status with a lesser known player. IMO, this guy relates well with today's players and like many past great coaches, he'll get the most out of his players.

Next Jimmy? I say yes, if you go for a college coach with no pro experience.
-- PDay8810

Simmons wrote a good column a couple weeks back about how older coaches just don't seem to be able to get it done anymore (he put the cap on 55) ... and when you look at the trends of who did the best coaching jobs last season most of them were younger guys (Dungy, Sean Payton, Lovie Smith, Eric Mangini and even guys like Mike McCarthy).
-- buttersbc327

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He was a great coach, a brilliant psychologist, a man who understood football and people better than almost anyone. He had core beliefs that never changed. He believed that games were decided in the trenches, believed that offense was more important than defense, believed that toughness and strength almost always won out. Read more

PoliBlog's Deportes
At the moment I can only think of two coaches that would truly excite me regarding next year: Charlie Weiss and Bill Cowher. Bob Stoops would be intriguing as well. Of NFL assistants, Ron Rivera at Chicago might be interesting.

Still, I fear very much that Jerry will want to re-assert control and we will return to the days of crappy drafts and gelded head coaches.

It is sickening to consider that Sean Payton was in the system just last year. Read more

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Former New York Giants headcoach Bill Parcells, who was last seen roaming the sidelines for the hated Cowboys, retired today. At least that is what he's claiming to have done (he said he was going to retire three other times, and each time came back to coach for a couple of years). Read more

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Maybe, just maybe, Bill Parcells isn't as good of a football coach as some have made him out to be. But considering that with the exception of his time in New England, Parcells has done nothing but coach teams that are the media darlings of the NFL. That alone will get him into Canton. Read more