Ultimate Standings: Fan Satisfaction Rankings

We know what really matters to fans -- because you told us. We surveyed more than 80,000 fans in SportsNation, and you told us what you want from your favorite team. And then you told us how well your favorite franchise repays you for all the love and money you devote to it.

In the table to the right you will see the eight categories by which you, the fans of SportsNation, ranked your teams.

The results? The Buffalo Sabres rank No. 1 among 122 pro sports teams based on what they give back to fans who invest their time and money in the organization.

Below, you can check the full Ultimate Standings results to see:

  • Where your favorite team stands.

  • How each team ranks in its own sport.

  • How each major market compares with each other.

  • How each team does in each category.

    Questions about how the rankings were decided? Check out the method to our madness and a further explanation of Bang for the Buck.

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