Why was my post deleted and my account banned?

You have already been banned on two names now because of your tantrums. Stop blaming others and just realize that there are mods that monitor the boards.

-- AKRulez308

The World Wide Leader in Sports asks that you keep your comments civil, nonviolent, and inoffensive. In other words, be the anti-Pacman Jones.
-- CitizenWakefield

If you can't comment without having to use ### or @ or $ to cover your immature expletives, then maybe you shouldn't comment at all.
-- adam_keefe_fan

The most common reasons for deleted posts and banned accounts are profanity, vulgarity, personal attacks and spamming.
-- Community Eds

What happens when I get banned, and how do I get reinstated?

Man they flat out just stop your ability to post any messages and it sucks. Then you have to write to admin and beg for mercy, and then they e-mail you back and tell you why you got kicked out and how to avoid it and for how long. Usually when a guy is starting trouble and he all of a sudden disappears, he got kicked out.
-- Hoya4life122695

The appeal box appears when you try to post on a conversation or on the message boards. Be prepared, like a player who has been disciplined for egregious behavior, to sit on the sidelines for a day.
-- Community Eds

What are conversations?

It is a chat room to discuss sports and give intelligent (or in some cases, unintelligent) opinions about sports or anything else you like. Most people are pretty knowledgeable … but the conversation takes a lot of detours to other subjects.
-- GtownSoxFan

Where can I talk to other fans?
I just go to the recap, and at the bottom it offers a way to post your comment.
-- crashdavis162

Reach the conversation from the comment link right above a story or the conversation link at the bottom of a story page. Many of the recaps now have conversation links at the top of the page, and the conversation links for games are also available on many scoreboards. You can watch comments in the real-time feed (http://myespn.com/s/conversations/list).

Click here for the message board index (http://myespn.com/boards/mb/mb?sport=espn&id=index).
-- Community Eds

How do I get other posters to talk to me?

I like when the conversation is civil and thought oriented. Keep it up everyone who doesn't resort to little kid antics and emotional statements.
-- BostonJoeeFitz

There's this button, probably midway up on the left side of your keyboard, that reads "caps lock" or something like that. TURN IT OFF. Most people in the world of email commentary consider all caps to be like shouting. I find myself unwilling to read past the first line or so – it's actually painful to read line after line of it.
-- Threegoal48

What type of sports talk can I expect?

On a forum such as a message board, you are bound to get all kinds of posts. Some are thoughtful and insightful. Some take one side or the other side and argue it well. And some people simply go from board to board making snarky, mean-spirited comments while doing nothing at all to add to the conversation.
-- Tinman1188

Why was my friend request rejected?

I have always been taught to be yourself, and if that is not good enough for others to like, then they were unworthy of your friendship in the first place. A numbers game is for the kids. I would rather be true friends with a few than falsely claim to be friends with many.
-- Rowdy1946

E-harmonySPN: We actually have guys on here competing to see who have more girls on their friend's list. Are you serious? If [you] couldn't meet women before ESPN, what makes you think you have any chance now?
-- ShortTX

I am flattered and all when you request to be my friend. However, this is ESPN, not Friendster or Myspace.
-- bostonballgirl

What if another ESPN.com member is bothering me?

Canada isn't worthy of a Stanley Cup? Hmm, what's this button we have here? "Ignore User." *Click.*
-- Farigno

Hit the report violation button for inappropriate behavior on posts, blogs, photos, e-mails, etc. All reports are reviewed, and action is taken if necessary. You may also report inappropriate e-mails. To activate the report icon on profile pages, click on report violation in the upper left corner of the page. You may also ignore users.
-- Community Eds

Why are my insults ignored?

Note to everybody on these posts: Anybody who calls anybody a "whiny little kid" is one themselves. … if you resort to name calling, picture it as if you're calling yourself [names].

-- migol22

What's the deal with calling each other harsh names? Fans starting fights, flaming/trolling other boards with hateful posts and making themselves look like morons in the name of team support: Lame. Is it so impossible to unite on a common love of good baseball, and just enjoy watching some well-played games? ... for the love of Pete, be nice to one another! How hard is that?
-- ohiogirlie74

What can I do about the atrocious spelling of some posters?

I don't really care how people spell and/or use grammar on these boards, even though bad grammar is a pet peeve of mine. I can't really control how people decide to type. And I don't mean to pick on you either, but if you are going to call other people out on their mistakes, shouldn't you at least make sure your posts are correct? Just so you know, periods go WITHIN the quotation marks, not outside of them. Sorry again, but I couldn't resist.
-- amorbi

Good night, folks. I am a typo machine when I am sleepy.
-- madface1016

What's the proper way to respond to a columnist who has upset me by writing negatively about my team or favorite player?

A simple 'Hey [Bob,] Percival was out because of forearm trouble, not shoulder problems' would've done, but you just have to bash him as if you're above him.
-- lazymingjai

What is a blog?

This is to clarify a couple things: BLOG = Web Log (from American Heritage Dictionary); Blogger = Author of a Web Log (from American Heritage Dictionary); Rediculous = Not a real word, misspelling of ridiculous (from Fourth Grade Spelling Book).
-- bry80

I love the new profile pages, blogging, etc. Fantastic way to get more involved with ESPN and to network with other sports fans, both locally and nationally.
-- BirdFan24

Users with active profiles have a space to blog on ESPN.com. We review these and other user posts and feature the best ones in stories and on the front of the site.
-- Community Eds

How do we really feel about trolls?

Is there something about trolling that gives the same high as X or crack or something like that which I don't know about? To abandon all those apparently optional things like —

1) Making sense
2) Using facts
3) Being relevant
4) Grammar and sentence structure
5) Recognition of the fact that we don't
a) Play for the team
b) Coach the team
c) Make personnel decisions for the team —

so you can come to another message board and kick people when they're down and sound like some kind of anonymous uber cool Internet Chuck Norris is patently absurd. Nothing is funny but the fact that these people lay awake nights with only a night light for company and giggle under the covers thinking about the reaction strangers will have to the garbage they posted before mom killed the power to the basement for the night.
-- LadyKascha

What about conspiracy theories?

This space is intended for the use of intelligent conversation about the game of basketball. If you are a viewer who has opinions about conspiracy theories and looking for a forum to whine please visit the Dallas Mavericks homepage and search on Mark Cuban.
-- JayJayTexas