Fans respond to Favre's retirement

Fan blog: Favorite memories
Favre brings a hint of Lombardi back to the Pack: back-to-back-to-back-to-back postseason appearances, during which I got my cheesehead (which is clearly iconic since they don't make them like they did back then; now they're smaller and a totally different shade of yellow).
-- bniemeyern

Chris Pagenkopf Courtesy of Richard PagenkopfChris Pagenkopf could have been wearing No. 84 instead. Read this and other stories gathered last spring.

Fan blog: Answers
People hate Brett Favre because every time you think he's down -- be it with painkillers, a bad season or another costly interception -- he always gets back up and turns the tide. People are always afraid of what they don't understand. In this case, they don't understand how he does it.
-- KingmeBrave

Fan blog: 17 years not enough
Despite the fact that I am a Bears fan, and I've watched Brett tear apart my Bears season, after season, after season, I will miss his competitive spirit, his emotion and passion that he shared on the field every week, and the way he both represented himself and the NFL. You can sit here and say that he threw too many interceptions, or that he waited too long to retire, but for me one thing is not debatable, that he was definitely the best I ever saw.
-- dslake84

Fan blog: Day of mourning
I'll be at his induction ceremony in Canton in five years. He has spoiled us Packers fans by just playing every game and having the Packers as a winning, competitive team year in and year out during his entire career (2005 doesn't count ; ).
-- Sportsguru6

In the dictionary under joy there's a picture of Brett Favre. The greatest who ever played, not because of his accomplishments, but how he played.
-- zaxe24

His joy for the game is what made me (a Bears fan) and others admire and root for him despite the uniform he wore. However, Brett Favre is not the embodiment of all things virtuous as some pundits appear to believe. I think Brett has been hurting for a long time and did not have any delusions of the Packers' title hopes the past few years. I believe he was genuinely conflicted about whether or not he wanted to play. It's okay to admit to ourselves that perhaps the records that Brett set last year (most career TDs, most career yards, and most career wins) meant something to him and were a large motivator in his decision as to whether or not to play the past few seasons. Now, he owns these records and he feels content to walk away. I'm not saying he should be vilified for this, but we should recognize his humanity and not be surprised by this decision.
-- GoldGlover41

My grandparents are from Wisconsin so I was indoctrinated at a very young age. I remember cheering on Favre in the early '90s while sitting on my grandpa's lap. I remember the Super Bowl triumph and subsequent Super Bowl heartbreak. I remember the heartbreak I felt on 4th and 26. The incredible Monday night. I remember it all, and through it all there was one constant: Brett Favre, always on the field and always in our hearts.
-- br3w3d

We've been extremely fortunate as sports, football and Packers fans to have had the privilege to watch one of football's all-time greats these past 17 seasons. QBs like Favre don't come along very often. Not only was he an exciting player, but he was also an exceptional person and role model -- in today's sports world, truly the exception. Thank you Brett for all the great seasons.
-- stmolitor

I am tired of the Brett Favre lovefest. Before last season he lost a substantial amount of games his previous three seasons. Honestly, I told people he would throw a game-breaking INT in the playoffs after a great season. It was too predictable. I don't hate Favre, just tired of him holding his team hostage. Also tired of analysts saying he was trying to make a play when he made a poor throw and defend him instead of calling it what it was: a boneheaded play.
-- spaceman2324

This guy is so overrated. He is better then good but not close to great. You play 17 years and you will have big numbers. Bottom line is 17 years and one Super Bowl. When it was truly a big game he was a choker (look at his last game). Coming from behind in November and coming from behind in the playoffs are two different things. Good bye and good riddance. Finally we can stop hearing about this media-hyped just-above-average player.
-- aaronnatl