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The guys are tough. Elliot Johnson is probably the best example after trying to run over Francisco Cervelli last week and setting certain machinations to work. The hits have been piling on. Our starters are good, and our prospective bullpen shows promise. And for the most part, any trouble they've gotten into, the batters hit them out of.
-- bemanidog

Every team has a shot at winning their division, with a few exceptions: Pittsburgh, San Fran, Tampa, Oakland, Texas, Minnesota, Baltimore, Florida, Kansas City and Washington.
-- bwilli25

My Cubbies are breaking the 100-year curse. And I didn't even get to really mention the great move in Tampa by making their team name rhyme: the Tampa Bay Rays, brilliant.
-- Xandersdaddy

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Rays vs. Jays
I don't know why people think Toronto is a trendy pick. Alex Rios is the real deal and Doc Halladay is going to be the same phenomenal constant on a mediocre team. What other changes from last year will make this team better?
-- Magicss4242


I like The Rays to finish third in their division. I think the Jays are counting on too many guys to come back from injuries and bad seasons. Plus I think Bonds will play this year and the Rays seem to have the inside track, at least so far.
-- nevernuts23

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