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This division is Anaheim's to lose. Adding Torii Hunter to an already sickening lineup just adds to a possible runaway here. Seattle will give them some competition, but the rest of this division is weak.
-- armstead98_1998


The big question is will Bedard be able to win enough games to catch the Angels? I think he will have a bigger impact than Torii Hunter will in L.A.
-- tcab2880

1. Boston Red Sox
2. Los Angeles Angels
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Cleveland Indians
5. New York Yankees
-- greyez7

The Angels have the greatest odds to win the entire thing. I know itÂ’s going to be a long season for all you other fans only to not truly enjoy a great October, but this '08 is going to Anaheim.
-- maddogg221

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win AL wild card: stlredbird420

Win AL West: armstead98_1998, ESPNSC88, tcab2880
, Hugh k., alpinecougar,
bear_fan85, chuckemama69, Cardinals037, BoSoxThrilla, schierbaum20, miami4lyfe37, bbbrett81, AKayTGO, svd11, Noah Langholz

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Lackey out -- started by Mexi1024
Angels will be fine. First months are always advantage pitching anyway, so losing our top two won't hurt as bad as if it were right in the thick of a race and we had to put them on the DL then.
-- southbaybeachboy

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