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More than 8,000 people who have registered with ESPN.com indicate they are Indians fans (900 fewer than the Tigers). Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Cleveland Indians beat the Mets in six games to get their first World Series since 1948.
-- talkingevan

I miss Ohio! I miss watching the Indians beat the Yankees with my old man.
-- algolo83


The biggest question mark about the Tribe entering 2008 isn't whether they're good enough to make the playoffs, but whether their competition isn't. With each AL division featuring at least two crown contenders, winning the wild card may not be an easy insurance option.
-- ScarletScript

C.C. Sabathia will go the way of Bartolo Colon: poorly conditioned, innings eaters, good heat and they both won a Cy Young the year after Johan "Real Deal" Santana did. He will break down. Someone needs to sit him down with a salad and introduce him to sit-ups.
-- pkfortyseven

1. Boston Red Sox
2. Los Angeles Angels
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Cleveland Indians
5. New York Yankees
-- greyez7

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win AL wild card: armstead98_1998, chi_cubs07, ear_fan85, jdeboever

Win AL Central: Gamby52 , A1CPTJack, aaronspooky, chuckemama69, svd11

Win World Series: talkingevan

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How do you deal with Tiger fans -- started by laylow911
Indians fans need us so they can feel relevant. Tigers have a fanbase five times larger than the small-market club known as the Indians. The same can be said about OSU-UM. Without the Wolverines there would be no Buckeye football.

-- Tiger_killa5

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