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For the second time in 10 years the Marlins have blown their team up ... They will once again be starting over from scratch. That doesn't mean that they won't win games, because they will. They have some very talented young players.
-- njanlew

As for Washington and the Marlins, two of the worst teams in baseball reside in the NL East, a case of three haves and two have-nots.
-- armstead98_1998

Marlins: Noncompetitive until they get into their new stadium.
-- bwilli25

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Marlins will forfeit the season, again


More prayers, less answers. What a fun team to play if you're the opposition. Get fat on the phish. Lousy, mediocre management makes for depressing baseball.
-- southbaybeachboy

Player you'd most likely build your team around
Han-Ram, no questions asked.
-- athletic001

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