Fans take over as GMs, draft first round

ESPN.com bloggers, who have been posting their drafts since January, are ready for commissioner Roger Goodell to walk onto the stage and announce the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft next week.

Among our mock GMs, Sedrick Ellis to the Bengals was the most-agreed upon pick, followed by Darren McFadden to the Raiders and Vernon Gholston to the Jets.

Many of the bloggers will be surprised on draft day. They suggested 12 different players for the Ravens and 11 different players for the Panthers and Eagles.

The fans also struggled to answer the 49ers' woes at No. 29, projecting 10 different players but only providing three of those picks more than once.

For comparison, we've provided Todd McShay's mock draft picksInsider (7th version) for each team, followed by the players predicted by the bloggers.

McShay's pick: 1. Miami Dolphins -- Jake Long, OT, Michigan
Bloggers' picks

Jake Long
: getyappcrnredy24, sahmali,
jonnyamen, sacked23, Expertise85, Dandy62187, angelgr89, trizzle44, dolphinsunshine33917
Chris Long: football_man49, ivandpc23, packman76, miami4lyfe37,
Matt Ryan: roxtotheeast, victory2128,
forsey21captainflyers, vy_titans_10
Glenn Dorsey: Falconflight28, GirlyGirl101292


"Who wants to have the first pick when there is no clear-cut choice as to who the best player available is? I would rather pass and draft second or third. You are still getting one of the top players and don't have to pay out No. 1 money. It makes sense."
-- Marshmaster1956

"I'm asking, no begging, Roger Goodell or the powers that be to please skip the No. 1 pick this year. Go straight to No. 2 and make that the No. 1 pick. I want to be surprised again and make ridiculous bets because let's face it: Being the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft is still the best thing since sliced bread." -- Trab2U

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2. St. Louis Rams -- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
Chris Long: getyappcrnredy24,
jonnyamen, sacked23, roxtotheeast, Expertise85, Falconflight28,
forsey21captainflyers, Dandy62187, trizzle44
Jake Long: football_man49, victory2128, packman76, GirlyGirl101292, vy_titans_10, Da504HotBoy,
Glenn Dorsey: sahmali, ivandpc23, angelgr89
Vernon Gholston: miami4lyfe37


"During the 'Greatest Show on Turf" era, the Rams simply matched score by score, and then scored again, and the defense was very respectable. ... Let's think offense in this draft, particularly in the first round, and then move to the defensive needs." -- wafflehousesteve

3. Atlanta Falcons -- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
Matt Ryan:
jonnyamen, football_man49, ivandpc23, Expertise85, Falconflight28, packman76, GirlyGirl101292, Da504HotBoy
Glenn Dorsey: getyappcrnredy24, sacked23, vy_titans_10, Dandy62187, trizzle44
Chris Long: sahmali, angelgr89
Jake Long: roxtotheeast, miami4lyfe37
Darren McFadden: victory2128,


"If I am Atlanta I don't draft Matt Ryan or any QB for that matter, and here is why:
1. There is depth at QB. This is a talented draft for QBs. Ryan, Henne, Brohm, Flacco -- all good picks. My favorite sleeper pick: QB Dennis Dixon out of Oregon."
-- egamiesrever

4. Oakland Raiders -- Chris Long, DE, Virginia
Darren McFadden: sacked23, football_man49, ivandpc23, Expertise85, Falconflight28, packman76, miami4lyfe37, Dandy62187, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Glenn Dorsey:
jonnyamen, roxtotheeast, victory2128,
Vernon Gholston: sahmali, angelgr89
Chris Long: GirlyGirl101292, RaiderCol
Ryan Clady: getyappcrnredy24
: vy_titans_10


"There's NO TELLING what Al will do, but whatever it is, I'm on board! After all, what choice do I have? Leave my beloved Silver & Black? Not happening! Yes, some of us will gripe and moan about the pick, but at the end of the day, we'll all be right there in front of the TV at week 1." -- raidaman12

"McFadden: Home run hitter, speed back. Would be the first true threat since Bo-Marcus backfield to take it all the way. Would not mind this pick." -- badguy20044u

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5. Kansas City Chiefs -- Branden Albert, OT/G, Virginia
Glenn Dorsey: football_man49, Expertise85, packman76, miami4lyfe37, Da504HotBoy
Ryan Clady: sacked23, roxtotheeast, victory2128, angelgr89
Branden Albert: getyappcrnredy24,
jonnyamen, trizzle44
Jake Long: ivandpc23, Falconflight28,
Darren McFadden: sahmali
Sedrick Ellis: GirlyGirl101292
Chris Long: vy_titans_10
Vernon Gholston: Dandy62187


"With the signing of Brody there will be no need for Matt Ryan here. RB: check. WR needs help: but, check. Defense: holes. The line does have pro bowler Jared Allen but a strong line goes a long way. Look at the Giants last season."
-- Dandy62187

"I have Glenn Dorsey, Jonathan Stewart and Limas Sweed having very good seasons next year. Also I have Chris Long having six sacks next year and then the year after that get better and better." -- williamqueen

6. New York Jets -- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
Vernon Gholston: sacked23, roxtotheeast, football_man49, ivandpc23, Expertise85, victory2128, packman76,
forsey21captainflyers, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Darren McFadden: getyappcrnredy24,
jonnyamen, GirlyGirl101292, vy_titans_10, angelgr89
Leodis McKelvin: miami4lyfe37, Dandy62187
Matt Ryan: sahmali
Sedrick Ellis: Falconflight28
Branden Albert: LeonCobra009

"They won't go after Chris Long or Vernon Gholston because they signed DE Calvin Pace to a six year, $42 million deal. He might turn out to be great, but I still say they overpaid him."
-- pmdad

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7. N.E. Patriots (from 5-11 S.F.) -- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
Leodis McKelvin:
jonnyamen, sacked23, football_man49, Expertise85, victory2128, angelgr89, trizzle44
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: roxtotheeast, Falconflight28, Dandy62187
Vernon Gholston: getyappcrnredy24, vy_titans_10
Mike Jenkins: ivandpc23, miami4lyfe37
Ryan Clady:
forsey21captainflyers, Da504HotBoy
Branden Albert: sahmali
Keith Rivers: packman76
James Laurinaitis: GirlyGirl101292

"The Patriots may need to replace Asante Samuel and McKelvin is currently the No. 1 rated corner in the draft. He's fast and shows good ball skills and should fit in well with New England." -- victory2128

8. Baltimore Ravens -- Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State
Ryan Clady: football_man49, Expertise85, packman76, vy_titans_10, trizzle44
Matt Ryan: getyappcrnredy24, Dandy62187
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: sahmali, Da504HotBoy
Vernon Gholston:
Branden Albert: sacked23
Leodis McKelvin: roxtotheeast
Brian Brohm: ivandpc23
Malcolm Kelly: Falconflight28
Sedrick Ellis: victory2128
Chad Henne:
Matt Ryan: miami4lyfe37
Aqib Talib: angelgr89

"CB is a concern for the Ravens because of the age of Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle. Plus, they cannot keep putting the weight of the secondary on the shoulders of Reed."
-- roxtotheeast

9. Cincinnati Bengals -- Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State
Sedrick Ellis:
jonnyamen, sacked23, roxtotheeast, football_man49, ivandpc23, Expertise85, packman76,
forsey21captainflyers, miami4lyfe37, Dandy62187, angelgr89, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Keith Rivers: getyappcrnredy24
Jonathan Stewart: sahmali
Vernon Gholston: Falconflight28
Chris Long: victory2128
Leodis McKelvin: vy_titans_10


"Cincy's D needs lots of help and starting up front is the best way to go. They have talented DEs and CBs so getting an interior force like Ellis is the way to go." -- cobizer

10. New Orleans Saints -- Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
Keith Rivers:
jonnyamen, sacked23, Dandy62187, angelgr89, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44, jtoncrey3
Mike Jenkins: roxtotheeast, victory2128, packman76
Sedrick Ellis: getyappcrnredy24, sahmali
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: football_man49, miami4lyfe37
Aqib Talib: ivandpc23, Expertise85
Phillip Merling: Falconflight28
Kenny Phillips:
Derrick Harvey: vy_titans_10

"Keith Rivers, LB, USC: Can start weakside Day 1 and if Vilma is the guy who we all think he is, we could possibly go from the slowest to one of the fastest linebacker cores in the league." -- jtoncrey3

11. Buffalo Bills -- Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
Malcolm Kelly: getyappcrnredy24, jonnyamen, sacked23, Falconflight28, victory2128
Keith Rivers: football_man49, ivandpc23, Expertise85,
forsey21captainflyers, miami4lyfe37
Devin Thomas: sahmali
Derrick Harvey: packman76
Mike Jenkins: Dandy62187
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: angelgr89
Leodis McKelvin: Da504HotBoy
Aqib Talib: trizzle44

"Rivers over the offseason has looked like he is the real deal. He will complete a formidable unit with Crowell and Posluszny for years to come. He seems like he will have a great future!" -- ivandpc23

12. Denver Broncos -- Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
Chris Williams: sahmali, football_man49, victory2128, packman76, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Ryan Clady: jonnyamen, Falconflight28, miami4lyfe37
Phillip Merling: getyappcrnredy24
Jeff Otah: sacked23
Kenny Phillips: ivandpc23
Branden Albert: Expertise85
Calais Campbell:
DeSean Jackson: Dandy62187
Derrick Harvey: angelgr89


"With all the top defensive prospect gone by this pick, I think they'll take care of another pressing need in OT after the retirement of Lepsis. Shanahan doesn't like taking O linemen in the first round, but I don't see any other way unless they trade up." -- football_man49

13. Carolina Panthers -- Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida
Derrick Harvey: sacked23, Expertise85, Falconflight28, victory2128
Jeff Otah: getyappcrnredy24, packman76
Rashard Mendenhall: jonnyamen, Dandy62187
Mike Jenkins: sahmali
Brian Brohm: football_man49
Ryan Clady: ivandpc23
Sam Baker:
Chris Williams: miami4lyfe37
Branden Albert: angelgr89
Kenny Phillips: Da504HotBoy
Matt Ryan: trizzle44

"I believe that they choose to instead attempt to solidify there D line spots with the help of Derrick Harvey. Harvey is an explosive player who locates the ball quickly and gets to the ball carrier." -- victory2128

14. Chicago Bears -- Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
Rashard Mendenhall: getyappcrnredy24, football_man49, ivandpc23, Falconflight28, trizzle44
Jeff Otah: sahmali, jonnyamen, miami4lyfe37, Dandy62187, angelgr89
Chris Williams: Expertise85,
forsey21captainflyers, maawdawg
Brian Brohm: victory2128, packman76
Matt Ryan: sacked23
Branden Albert: Da504HotBoy


"Team Needs (in order):
OT -- Miller has moved to pasture. Need a stud LT to let Tait go back to RT.
RB -- Need an NFL starting ready back. Benson is a waste of Gatorade." -- maawdawg

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15. Detroit Lions -- Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
Rashard Mendenhall: sahmali, sacked23, Expertise85, angelgr89, Da504HotBoy
Jonathan Stewart: jonnyamen, football_man49, Falconflight28, Dandy62187
Derrick Harvey: getyappcrnredy24, ivandpc23
Jeff Otah: victory2128, trizzle44
Leodis McKelvin: packman76,
Antoine Cason: miami4lyfe37


"Here is the NFL's version of 'Franchise X'. The Lions roared out to a 6-2 start, then just flat out imploded. Young at wide receiver, aging quarterback, no running game. I would expect a running back or defense here."
-- armstead98_1998

16. Arizona Cardinals -- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: jonnyamen, Expertise85, trizzle44
Aqib Talib: sacked23, victory2128, Dandy62187
Mike Jenkins: football_man49, angelgr89
Jonathan Stewart: ivandpc23, Da504HotBoy
Rashard Mendenhall:
forsey21captainflyers, miami4lyfe37

Felix Jones: getyappcrnredy24
Derrick Harvey: sahmali
Leodis McKelvin: Falconflight28
: packman76

17. Minnesota Vikings -- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie,
CB, Tenn. St.

Derrick Harvey: jonnyamen, football_man49, Dandy62187, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Limas Sweed: getyappcrnredy24, victory2128
Calais Campbell: ivandpc23, angelgr89
Clady: sahmali
Phillip Merling: packman76, miami4lyfe37
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: sacked23
Brandon Flowers: Expertise85
DeSean Jackson: Falconflight28
Aqib Talib:

18. Houston Texans -- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
Aqib Talib: jonnyamen, football_man49, Da504HotBoy
Jonathan Stewart: getyappcrnredy24, trizzle44
Jeff Otah: ivandpc23, Expertise85
Chris Williams: Falconflight28, angelgr89
Rashard Mendenhall: victory2128, packman76
Gosder Cherilus: sahmali
Mike Jenkins: sacked23
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie:
Brandon Flowers: miami4lyfe37
Felix Jones: Dandy62187

19. Philadelphia Eagles -- Jerod Mayo, OLB, Tennessee
Malcolm Kelly: packman76,
forsey21captainflyers, Dandy62187
DeSean Jackson: getyappcrnredy24, victory2128
Limas Sweed: jonnyamen, football_man49
Devin Thomas: ivandpc23, trizzle44
Jerod Mayo: sahmali
James Hardy: sacked23
Dan Connor: Expertise85
Keith Rivers: Falconflight28
Derrick Harvey: miami4lyfe37
Kentwan Balmer: angelgr89
Quentin Groves: Da504HotBoy

"Remaining needs this offseason: 1. LT -- Need Thomas' replacement so Justice can take over for Runyan. 2. ... WR that is big and [can] run after the catch. 3. S -- Dawkins needs a replacement. 4. CB -- If we trade Lito then the team could use a nickel or dime back."
-- kegtap165

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
DeSean Jackson: jonnyamen, ivandpc23, packman76, miami4lyfe37
Mike Jenkins: getyappcrnredy24, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Devin Thomas: sacked23, angelgr89
Limas Sweed: Expertise85, Dandy62187
Malcolm Kelly: sahmali
Phillip Merling: football_man49
Aqib Talib: Falconflight28
Mario Manningham: victory2128
Brian Brohm:

21. Washington Redskins -- Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson
Phillip Merling: jonnyamen, sacked23, Expertise85, victory2128, angelgr89
Limas Sweed: sahmali, packman76, trizzle44
Kentwan Balmer: getyappcrnredy24
Quentin Groves: football_man49
Malcolm Kelly: ivandpc23
Derrick Harvey:
Calais Campbell: miami4lyfe37
Devin Thomas: Da504HotBoy
Kenny Phillips: KANUHANDLEME


"If he is still on the board when we pick, we'd better draft FS Kenny Phillips from Da U. He's not Sean Taylor, but I think he's the closest we'll find for a long time. Decent size, good cover skills, good speed, very smart and loves to hit."

22. Dallas Cowboys (from 10-6 CLE) -- Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: getyappcrnredy24, victory2128, richamore28, cowboyfansince75
Aqib Talib: sahmali, packman76
Limas Sweed: ivandpc23, Da504HotBoy
Felix Jones: angelgr89, trizzle44
Devin Thomas: jonnyamen
Lawrence Jackson: sacked23
Jonathan Stewart: Expertise85
Mario Manningham:
Malcolm Kelly: miami4lyfe37


"The Cowboys should draft a WR first in the draft. Terry Glenn reminded me more of Peerless Price at the end of the year last year. ... My top picks at WR are Caldwell from Florida and Kelly from OU, although Manningham and Arrington could have good careers as pros."
-- todd0418908

23. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
Gosder Cherilus: jonnyamen, angelgr89, trizzle44
Branden Albert: ivandpc23, victory2128, packman76
Sam Baker: getyappcrnredy24
Keith Rivers: sahmali
Chris Williams: sacked23
Kenny Phillips: Expertise85
DeSean Jackson:
Jonathan Stewart: miami4lyfe37
Jeff Otah: Da504HotBoy

24. Tennessee Titans -- DeSean Jackson, WR, California
James Hardy: getyappcrnredy24, ivandpc23, victory2128
Limas Sweed: vy_titans_10, miami4lyfe37
DeSean Jackson: angelgr89, Da504HotBoy
Leodis McKelvin: sahmali
Mike Jenkins: jonnyamen
Mario Manningham: sacked23
Malcolm Kelly: Expertise85
Devin Thomas: packman76
Jeff Otah:
Kentwan Balmer: trizzle44


"Tennessee does 1 of 3 things:
1. Draft Kentwan Balmer, DT, UNC, in the first and hope Limas Sweed falls to them in the second.
2. Draft Devin Thomas, WR, MSU, in the first and hope Jerod Mayo falls to them in the second.
3. Trade our second-, third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-round draft picks to the Bills so we get to pick 10th, where we pick Malcolm Kelly." -- vy_titans_10

25. Seattle Seahawks -- Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
Dustin Keller: sahmali, ivandpc23, Expertise85
Gosder Cherilus: getyappcrnredy24, sacked23
Kentwan Balmer: jonnyamen, victory2128
Jonathan Stewart: packman76,
Branden Albert: miami4lyfe37
Fred Davis: angelgr89
James Hardy: Da504HotBoy
Malcolm Kelly: trizzle44

26. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
DeSean Jackson: ivandpc23, packman76, miami4lyfe37
Phillip Merling:
forsey21captainflyers, Da504HotBoy, trizzle44
Calais Campbell: jonnyamen, sacked23
Kentwan Balmer: Expertise85
Quentin Groves: getyappcrnredy24
Brandon Flowers: sahmali
Early Doucet: victory2128
Kenny Phillips: angelgr89

27. San Diego Chargers -- Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
Kenny Phillips: sahmali, sacked23, miami4lyfe37
Gosder Cherilus: ivandpc23, Expertise85, victory2128
Sam Baker: packman76, trizzle44
Leodis McKelvin: getyappcrnredy24
Mario Manningham: jonnyamen
Quentin Groves:
Brandon Flowers: angelgr89
Antoine Cason: Da504HotBoy

28. Dallas Cowboys -- James Hardy, WR, Indiana
Felix Jones: jonnyamen, ivandpc23, packman76,
forsey21captainflyers, Da504HotBoy, richamore28
Devin Thomas: getyappcrnredy24
Phillip Merling: sahmali
Justin King: sacked23
Mike Jenkins: Expertise85
Jonathan Stewart: victory2128
Reggie Smith: miami4lyfe37
Limas Sweed: angelgr89
James Hardy: trizzle44


"With the 28th pick grab Felix Jones. He would fit in well with the Cowboys offense. Or you could grab Limas Sweed, great height and hands. But I do think that they can find a WR in the later rounds. So i would worry about getting a RB with this pick." -- richamore28

Other Cowboys blog: cowboyfansince75

29. San Francisco 49ers (from 13-3 IND) -- Gosder Cherilus,
OT, Boston College
Calais Campbell: getyappcrnredy24, sahmali
Limas Sweed: sacked23,
Quentin Groves: ivandpc23, miami4lyfe37
Chris Williams: jonnyamen
DeSean Jackson: Expertise85
Keith Rivers: victory2128
Mario Manningham: packman76
Dan Connor: angelgr89
Kentwan Balmer: Da504HotBoy
Jerod Mayo: trizzle44


"There's a lot depth at some positions that we need depth at. So look for Mike Nolan and Mike Martz to make some moves for the players that will help this offense right now." -- jjp7749ers87

30. Green Bay Packers -- Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech
Brandon Flowers: getyappcrnredy24, sacked23, ivandpc23, trizzle44
Rashard Mendenhall: sahmali
Kenny Phillips: jonnyamen
Justin King: Expertise85
Fred Davis: victory2128
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: packman76
Mike Jenkins:
Aqib Talib: miami4lyfe37
Sam Baker: angelgr89
Dustin Keller: Da504HotBoy

31. New England Patriots -- Pick forfeited
The Patriots lost this pick as part of the penalty handed down for illegally taping Jets coaches from the sideline in Week 1.

32. New York Giants -- Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
Dan Connor: jonnyamen, victory2128,
forsey21captainflyers, miami4lyfe37
Jerod Mayo: sacked23, Expertise85, angelgr89, Da504HotBoy
Aqib Talib: getyappcrnredy24
Sam Baker: sahmali
Tracy Porter: ivandpc23
Xavier Adibi: packman76
Kenny Phillips: trizzle44

"[Linebacker] is the position that most people think the Giants will take in the first round, but I disagree. I see them filling this need in a later round with a guy who had a great college career, but has fallen lately like Ali Highsmith." -- kfujita62

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