Q & A with Chris Simms

2003 NFL Draft prospect Chris Simms was in town to answer a few of your questions on Wednesday afternoon. Here's the transcript of his response to the inquiries of SportsNation.

Hey Chris! First, Congrats on a great career at TEXAS! How long do you think it will take to adjust to the speed of the pros? Would you like to sit and gain experience watching or would you rather just get thrown in to the fire? Hook'em!

There is no telling how long it will take me to learn the speed of the game, Chris. I'll have to get used to my offense and that all depends on how much time I'm given to play with them and feel them out. But I think the best way to do that would be to get thrown into the fire. Experience is the only way to adjust and improve. It's the only way to go. Sink or swim! Throw me in there!

Chris, if you end up playing for Dallas, do you think there would be added pressure because of the Parcells' connection and your dad?

San Diego

First of all Billy, I don't' think it will happen. I don't think he wants to draft a young quarterback. I think he'll end up signing and old vet . . . a free agent or something like that. And I'm sure there would be more pressure, but as a player, you can't listen to all that crap. Of course you want to do well, you want to do well for yourself, not to satisfy those people putting the pressure on you. So what difference would it really make, I guess.

Chris, how has having so many professional connections helped mature and prepare you for the trials and tribulations of being an NFL QB? Also, what's it like having dinner at the Shanahan's?


San Diego

The connections have helped me a lot, I think. From them I've been able to know the game better and know what goes on, what to expect as I grow up and get into this business. I learned more from my dad than anybody, without question. I've met a lot of great people through him. It's a big help

Shanahan's. Haha. You guys know this story? The Bronco's coach, Coach Shanahan, his son Kyle goes to Texas and he's like, my best friend. So I go out to Denver a lot. They are a great family. Believe it or not, Coach Shanahan is one of the coolest guy's I know. He is great, I love that family . . . and to answer your question Chris, dinner is always a fine event at the Shanahan's.

Chris, sorry, I know you probably get a lot of Qs about your dad and stuff. BUT, when you were little, who was your favorite Giant (other than your pops)? Were you buddies with your dads friends. Pal around with Mark Bavaro and the good ol' boys?
Old Saybrook, Conn.

My favorite Giant, other than my dad growing up was . . . Hmm. I loved Dave Megget for a long time . . . and of course I love L.T. - but who didn't. Hmm. I'd have to say Carl Banks was my favorite because he was the guy who would always talk to me and pay attention to me when I was in the locker room and he'd always stick up for me when me and dad were buttin' heads about something, he'd always take my side.

If the position they were drafting in wasn't a consideration, which team would you most like to be drafted by?
Sydney, Australia

I would love to be drafted by either of the New York teams just because my family is pretty much all up there. It's where I grew up, its what I'm used to. I love New York City. It'd be a great place to be. BUT, I do realize that there is just absolutely no chance of me ending up there. So, from there, it really doesn't matter, I'm just happy to be playing football, where ever that may be.

My question is for Chris Simms. Chris, how do you feel about the talk about you not being able to play in big games ? What do you think that the problem was in some of the games you played.
San Diego

The talk about me not showing up for big games is really -- just talk. I mean, I realize that I played badly in some games, but I don't think it was anything more than me just making stupid mistakes or just us getting beat by better teams. At the same time, I feel like we were able to win a lot of big games. So what does that say? I mean, we play in the Big Twelve, the best conference in college football right now and we took some huge games there . . . so I guess A&M and Nebraska really weren't "big games" . . .

So Chris, how would it feel to be back in Texas playing for an NFL team?

Richmond, Va.

I'd definitely be excited to go play for the Dallas Cowboys. That'd be a dream come true. I'm a football historian so of course, I really respect the tradition of the Cowboys. I'm a huge Aikman fan, ever since my dad retired I really kept an eye on Troy and how he played his game . . . so of course, to play for the cowboys and to be back in Texas . . . I couldn't complain about that arrangement.

Chris, c'mon, please tell us … do you have a girlfriend?


I better skip Nancy. It's probably my girlfriend under a different name checking up on me. Haha.

Hey Chris! Would you like to play in Green Bay and learn from the great QB Brett Favre?
Green Bay, Wisc.

I think that would be one of the coolest situations that I could possibly get thrown into. Green Bay behind Brett Favre. I root for Green Bay probably harder than I root for any other team in the NFL right now just because of him. I don't' really root for teams anymore, I just kinda cheer on quarterbacks and hero . . . Brett is definitely one of them I pull for. I'm truly in love with Brett Favre's game. That would be fantastic.

Hey Chris, do you remember playing basketball at my house? My brother was Dave Das, he went to Ramapo with you.
Avin Das
Franklin Lakes, NJ

I definitely playing ball at David Das's house. We called it Das-ball. Bay in the day! Back in the old neighborhood. We'd lower the hoop to like 8 or 9 feet and it would be an all out dunk-fest. Dasball! Great memories of growing up. All the neighborhood kids always beatin' up on each other. Dasball. Haha.

Chris, my girlfriend says you are the All-American boy (blonde, Texas, QB). Do you think that description fits you well?

I've got to answer the one guy from Kentucky. Yes, Jeremiah. Haha, yes I agree, I am the All-American boy!

Hi, Chris Simms we all in Jersey wish you the best and the Grillo's say they hope you have a great and healthy season.
Katie Grillo
New Jersey

The Grillo family! No way! Hi! Thanks for the well wishes!

Pressure is nothing new to you because you played in front of us fickle Horn Fans, but how much pressure is on you to succeed in the NFL because your father was successful?

The pressure doesn't really bother me. Any city I play in is really going to be no different than playing in Austin, Texas in that, everywhere you go, there are fans who love football and if you win they love you and if you don't they hate you. That's true anywhere.

Chris, The Carolina Panthers have yet to find their franchise QB. With such a prolific Defense last year, would you want to come into the Panthers club and contribute to the offense? With the recent additions of Stephen Davis, Ricky Proehl and Kevin Dyson; do you think you might be able to come in and contribute and why?
Trent Steele
Thomasville, N.C.

Sure, it would be a great opportunity to go down to Carolina and play there. I love Coach Fox, the head coach down there and I think they are one of the up and coming teams in the NFL, so I'd love to be a part of that.