Dan Rafael Chat: July 2, 2009

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Rafael began writing for ESPN.com in March 2005 after working for five years as the boxing writer for USA Today.

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Dan Rafael: Greetings, Fight Freaks to a special Thursday chat since it's a holiday week with July 4th this weekend. Not much up this weekend in boxing but there's always plenty to discuss. There are two new blogs this week on the passing of Alexis Arguello and there should be a new one up later today on the Cotto-Pacquiao talks. Anyway, let's get right to it.

Gary Burton (Beaverton, OR): Dan, what do you think about a match between Marcos Maidana and Ricardo Torres, after witnessing Maidana's win over Victor Ortiz?

Dan Rafael: That would be sensation but Torres isn't ever going to see 140 again as far as I can tell so don't hold out for it.

JP (San Diego): Hey Dan, What does Agbeko need to do to upset Vic D. on July 11? Is Vic too cocky for his own good on this fight? After all, it's his first fight at 118 and he's going against a belt holder with a good record? Give your thoughts, my man! Thanks!

Dan Rafael: Vic is always cocky but that is part of his persona, so to him it's business as usual. Agbeko is very strong and bigger than Vic. I think it's a very tough, tough fight for Vic. That said, the three pounds from 115 to 118 shouldn't make much of a difference. I really don't know who to pick in that one but expect big time fireworks.

Jose Perez (Puerto Rico): Who would you pick between Juanma Lopez vs Gamboa?? how good would this fight be??

Dan Rafael: It's a tremendous fight on paper. Both guys were terrific amateurs. Both have looked good as pros. Lopez I think has faced better opponents so far and has better defense. They're both good punchers. Gamboa has fought the bigger guys because he also fought at 130. I think if Lopez can stay tight with his defense like he usually does, Gamboa could be in big trouble when he gets caught, which you know he will eventually. But I really want to see this one.

Mark (Brooksville, Fl.): Dan, An unfortunately early but well deserved tribute to a true boxing icon Alexis Arguello. I remember watching many of his fights. Do you think we will ever see fifteen round fights again?

Dan Rafael: 15-round fights are done. Unless, it's on a barge somewhere you won't see them again.

Horn (Vegas): In the wake of Ortiz pulling a NO MAS, it did not appear to effect Duran's legacy one bit. In time, can Oritz gain acclaim as a Warrior? Or does the adage of "You can't teach heart" apply here?"

Dan Rafael: First off, long before Duran quit against Leonard, he had already been a longtime lightweight champion and considered great. He had also beaten a prime Leonard at welterweight. He had accomplished 100 times more than Ortiz has at this point, so it didn't hurt him THAT bad in the long view of history. As for Ortiz, he's 22, young in his pro career and he has time to make us all forget about about him quitting. But he can't just talk about what he will do next time he's in trouble. He just has to go out there and do it.

Jose (Germany): hey Dan-The-Man, i was just wondering is whats next for JuanMa? is he gonna fight bums until Gamboa next year? i really think this kid might have something there i just wish he was pit against someone worthwhile for him.

Dan Rafael: Juanma will next fight in late September or October on a PPV with Gamboa. At some point early next year, Arum told me he wants to match Juanma with the winner of the Aug. 15 fight between featherweight titlist Steven Luevano and Bernabe Concepcion so Lopez can challenge for a featherweight title and if he wins that fight, the Gamboa fight would be next or a fight later.

Greg P (Staten Island,NY): Dan, when the Manny/Cotto fight finally gets announced offically will that be enough for Shane to look else where?...who does Shane call first in that scenario?

Dan Rafael: Obviously, when that fight is finalized it should make Shane relaize he isn't getting either one in the fall. So if he looks elsewhere, he will see Mayweather fighting Marquez. That means Shane will have to either sit and wait for the winner of either fight or take a smaller - but still seven-figure fight -- with someone like Berto, Williams or Clottey.

Luke (Danbury CT): Any update on where and when Dawson/Johnson II will take place?

Dan Rafael: Likely it will be Nov. 7 on HBO. The site is TBA.

Pete (DC): Dan, can you please shed some light on rumors that Arguello shot himself because he "mishandled" public money?

Dan Rafael: I am not aware of the money aspect just that he is supposed to have taken his own life.

Jeff (Bama): Hey Dan, any idea as to who might be the next prospect of the year? I want to be sure not to bet on him. You've burned me 2x.

Dan Rafael: Real funny. Take a look at the nine years I've done it. I have a pretty good track record -- Cotto, Berto, Peter, Taylor, etc...

Greg (Los Angeles): Any news on Bertos next opponent?

Dan Rafael: Could be Collazo in the mandatory rematch in the fall. Maybe it could be Mosley. Whatever it is, nothing is set.

bill (pgh): will we get a notebook today or tomorrow?

Dan Rafael: No notebook this week. Even I need some time off.

Nick (Harrisburg, PA): Dan, I must say I was extremely disappointed with Ortiz. I know southpaws are susceptible to the right hand in general, but he had absolutely no defense for it. No head movement. I had him as a better prospect than even JuanMa. Guess I was wrong. That being said, hats off to Maidana. Ortiz isnt done per say...but he is done as the next "star" in boxing in my mind.

Dan Rafael: I agree with pretty much everything you said. I think Ortiz can still be a top fighter but I don't see him being the next big star like so many thought and hoped he could be. When you quit like that it sort of disqualifies you from being that mega star. That said, there is no reason he can't rebound with a good career, make money, win titles and make some good fights.

jack (fort collins): i read that golden boy won the purse bid for bute/andrade 2. do you think this fight could end up on the mayweather/marquez undercard?

Dan Rafael: Yes, GB did win that purse bid. Given the price of the fight -- well over $1 million -- I doubt it will be on that undercard. That's pretty rich for a ppv undercard where Mayweather and Marquez would basically be taking money out of their pocket to put it on that card.

Erik Santos (New York City, Queens): Whats happened to Ricky Hatton ever since the loss to Pac-Man? Will he be fighting anyone anytime soon? Its like he vanished from the sport of boxing.

Dan Rafael: The dude just fought in December. And got smashed to bits. It is not unusual at all for a guy to take an extended break after that kind of loss. I'm pretty sure Ricky will be back.

Derek (Brooklyn): If Donaire and Raging Bull both win what are the chances of a rematch happening? Vic has to settle that score

Dan Rafael: Vic's promoter, Gary Shaw, said basically he wants no part of the rematch on a conference call the other day. I spoke to Donaire and he'd do the rematch but he's not chasing it. There's no need for him to chase it because he destroyed Vic in the first fight. Vic needs the rematch. If he wants it, he needs to express that opinion to his promoter and get him to try to make it.

Sergio (San Diego): Dan, I keep hearing this talk of Arreola fighting for the title. Don't you think he's ready.His biggest wins were koing travis walker and beating a semi retired overweight Jameel McCline.What do you think? Do you think he could end up like Oritiz did this past weekend.

Dan Rafael: Arreola will get a shot at a title eventually because he will be mandatory. In my mind, as much as I enjoy watching Cris and like him personally, I do not think he has done anything of real note to EARN the title shot. But he'll get one and he'll go in there firing.

Mark (Brooksville, Fl.): Dan,Do you think BHop will fight this year? And who do you see him eventually

Dan Rafael: I don't see BHop fighting this year but I hold out hope that we may see a BHop fight in Janaury around his birthday time in the middle of the month with him challenging cruiserweight champ Tomasz Adamek.

Dan Rafael: Probably because most don't view Williams as a 147 anymore. He has not fought there in ages and his last few fights have been at 160 and 154.

Chris (Boston): Any word on if Chambers-Dimitrenko will be on American Tv or Internet?

Dan Rafael: No US TV but if you search hard I'm sure you can find an Internet stream like I plan to do.

Mike (New York): Have to say other than Vic-Agbeko this summers boxing schedule looks weak. Diaz-Malignaggi should be on an undercard and not headlining. That is a joke.

Terry (Tampa): Danno, nice to see the bugs seem to be worked out with the chat. It's nice not having to hit "refresh" 18,945 times during the chat. Good Stuff

Dan Rafael: Not worked out on my ened. I absolutely despise this new chat software.

bill (pgh): what happened to Nhar vs. Prescott? I thought Ray would be a good test for him.

Dan Rafael: Ray has backed out for whatever reason. I hear he is about to sign with DiBella.

jack (fort collins): to mike in ny: bradley/campell looks pretty good. don't sleep on that fight.

Miguel (Puerto Rico): Do you think Cotto has something to gain by beating Pacquiao if they fight, being that he is the bigger man?Do you think a fight with Mayweather would be more important to Cotto's career?

Dan Rafael: Cotto has a lot to gain, like a career-high payday and a huge victory over the p4p king. Come on.

Aaron (Hartford): Dan, any news on Duddy ?

Dan Rafael: Arum wants to try to make him with Chavez Jr. later this year.

Phil (Dallas, Texas): Dan,speaking of Arreola Goosen said this week that he will be fighting in September against a "former World Champion" That is a pretty broad statement given all the fighters that have had trinket belts the last 5 years or so. Any idea who he might be talking about?

Dan Rafael: I don't know for sure but if it was James Toney I wouldn't be shocked.

Erik Santos (New York City, Queens): Whats the chances of a Pavlik vs P.Williams fight occuring? That would be a fight i think the fans would like to see.

Dan Rafael: I'd love to see it but I doubt it happens any time soon.

Jamesa (Ottawa): Hypocridancy, explain why you aren't have a seizure about Ortiz quitting like you did when Guerrero did? It seems because you fell for the Ortiz hype, he gets a free pass. Did GB have something to do with it?

Dan Rafael: He gets no free pas you dope. Read my weekend scorecard. The kid quit the fight. I gave Guerrero a bit of harder time though because we're talking about a two-time former titleholder, a far more experienced, older fighter who had only a cut. Ortiz had been down hard twice. I am not excusing it, I'm just keeping it real.

bill (pgh): is it just me or does it seem like the size of Lou Dibella's stable has been increasing lately?

Dan Rafael: Lou has been signing some guys and making smart moves.

Erik Santos (New York City, Queens): Many people are saying that the only reason why Cotto vs Pac-man fight is happening is because they are both signed to Bob Arum. I believe that it would be a better pay day for both of these fighters rather than a Mosley vs Pac-Man fight. What are your thoughts on this?

Dan Rafael: I think you need to learn how to crunch the numbers.

Dan Rafael: By the way -- Pacquiao says he wants to fight Cotto and vice versa. Neither are particularly interested in Mosley at this time. That is their decision. It's not like they are ducking Mosley when because they both face very tough fights fighting each other.

Aaron (Hartford): Dan, how about Froch...any idea when/who he is fighting next ?

Dan Rafael: Nothing is settled but don't be surprised to see him on Showtime in the fall.

Aaron (Cincinnati): The Guerrero/Ortiz situation is completely different. Guerrero quit before the fight even happened. Ortiz quit after getting the **** beat out of him.

Josh (Denver, Colorado): Dan,with Arreola seemingly out of the picture does it look like Vitali Klitschko will now probably face David Haye in the Fall? I guess Valuev is the only other option and we all know that is not going to happen.

Dan Rafael: Vitali likely will face Haye, according to what his adviser told me this week.

Aaron (Cincinnati): Dan, I don't have as much of a problem with Ortiz quiting as I do the post fight comments. He was completely killed by the time it was stopped. If he went toe to toe again he would have been knocked cold. As far as the interview, wow. I don't think that could have been scripted to come off worse than it did.

Dan Rafael: Exactly. He still quit regardless of the interview, but he buried himself with the interview. It made it way worse.

Terry (Tampa): Danno. I goota say, im fine with catchweights as long as the title isnt on the line. No fighter is so big that they should be able to redefine the weight classes in title fights, whether the other side agrees or not. Whats your take?

Dan Rafael: I completely disagree with you. Weight classes are defined by the upper limit of the division. Take Cotto-Pacman for example. If the catch weight is 145 pounds, Cotto's title should be at stake as long as they are not over 147. It's still a welterweight fight. When Hopkins was light heavy champ and beat Winky at 170 it was still a defense of his championship because it WAS a light heavyweight fight, just one at a contract limit within the division.

c3po (NYC): I have recently heard rumblings around the gym here that and offer has been made for Daniel Jacobs to fight Sechew Powell any thoughts on that potential fight?

Dan Rafael: Sechew has been a name that has come up for Jacobs for the Aug. 22 HBO tripleheader. I don't like that fight at all.

Joe (San Francisco, CA): You know Bob Arum had to be laughing just a little on Saturday after Golden Boy swiped Ortiz and then he gets KO'd

Dan Rafael: Not really since Bob had a percentage of Golden Boy's money from Victor's fights well into the future based on the terms of their settlement. Victor's loss potentially has cost Top Rank a ton of money. If there's one thing Bob doesn't laugh at it is the loss of serious money.

James (Athens, GA): How legit is Deontay Wilder? 6-0 with 6KOS all in the first round...but all against scrubs.

Dan Rafael: He's a complete project with potential. He should be fighting scrubs right now.

Braindamaged2too (Asylum): Mr. Dan, o.k. I totally agree with you about Victor. Is it possible for someone in his position to erase the stench of his actions? Or is he damned to hear it forever more?

Dan Rafael: It depends. Vitali Klitschko got killed by everyone after he quit against Byrd. But he came back and when he fought Lennox Lewis showed MASSIVE heart with his cut eye. I think he pretty much erased any doubters with his actions in that fight. Victor is young and has that chance also. Only his actions in the future can make up for the fight the other night.

Billy (Patchogue, NY): I don't know too much about Powell so can you explain why you're sour on a potential fight with Jacobs?

Dan Rafael: Powell is a 154 pounder, Jacobs is a 160. Powell has a history of boring fights, although he has had a few decent ones. Just don't like the matchup.

Mister McMahon (Greenwich, CT): How about Victor Ortiz vs. Ricky Hatton in a loser retires match at 140?

Dan Rafael: You're an idiot. And guess what? You banned for being one.

Terry (Tampa): Danno, isnt it a bit weak for Mosley to complain about Pac-Cotto being an "in-house" Top Rank fight considering 4 out of Pac's last 5 opponents have been GBP fighters?

Dan Rafael: That's an excellent point. Pacquiao fought Marquez, Hatton, Oscar and Barrera -- all GB fighters. The only TR fighter he fought in his last five was David Diaz. Mosley is just pissed he can't get a money fight.

Steve (Saratoga): I see your boy Ruiz is chirping about Cristobal. Any chance of that fight happening?

Dan Rafael: If there is a God, no.

Michael (Long Beach, CA): Dan, am I reading the schedule right? HBO has one card through August?

Dan Rafael: Correct.

Richard (Los Angeles): Dan, Ortiz didn't quit. He was hit in the back of the head repeatedly and the ref stopped the fight because of the cut.

Dan Rafael: He quit. Q-U-I-T. When you shake your head and shake your hand and then don't say boo when the doc and ref call it off and then you say that you quit (using different words) in your post fight interview, you quit. It is what it is. I'm not going to ravage the kid but it happened no matter what spin Golden Boy and Ortiz try to put on it. Just admit it and we'll move on.

Greg (Philly): Is the Pavlik-Mora fight going to be rescheduled? when are we going to see Pavlik back on HBO?

Dan Rafael: No idea about the fight being rescheduled. I hear something different every day practially. HBO and Top Rank have been talking about a Pavlik fight and discussed Sturm. But they are not on the same planet on the money. So Pavlik's next fight and who shows it remains to be seen.

Matt (LA): I don't think Ortiz LOVES boxing. His chat with Max after the fight made it seem like he was thinking about hanging 'em up. No passion, no chin -- not a good combo.

Pete (SLC): hey Dan, any chance that Rodriguez vs. Isaac Hlatshwayo gets moved from Aug. 1st to the vacant friday night fights card on Aug 7th?

Dan Rafael: It's under discussion.

Sam (NJ): How much do you think Ortiz's corner hurt him? It seemed like repeatedly telling Ortiz they are going to stop the fight was not the best thing to say...

Dan Rafael: I couldn't agree more. The corner was horrible. It was one of the worst corners I have ever heard. You don't tell a kid you're going to stop the fight like that when there was no reason. You tell him to jab or do this or that. Not that you're going to stop the fight. Just horrible.

jack (fort collins): have you heard of any potential match-ups for the mayweather/marquez undercard? hopefully they scrap the judah/hatton idea.

Dan Rafael: Judah-Hatton is moving to the undercard from what Golden Boy tells me. That was the only done fight on the card in July before it was posponed. And it will stay on the card when it happens in Sept.

Paul B (NY, NY): Hey Dan- I just became a big Maidana supporter over night. Did you think Kotelnik git a gift agaibnst him? Also do you think he will be able to get some moier big fights at 140 or will folks start to avoid him?

Dan Rafael: I saw the fight with Kotelnik and I thought Kotelnik deserved a close decision.

Greg (Los Angeles): Dan if Atlas returns to training is he done with FNF for a while?

Dan Rafael: No. FNF goes off the air in late August and won't be back until January so Teddy will have time to train if he wants. He's not leaving FNF any time soon.

Beck (Chicago): I see you're willing to blame Ortiz's corner, but not your buddies at GBP. The guys at Ring are right about you being little more than a shill.

Dan Rafael: You're an idiot. In the actual fight the corner has more to do with it than any promoter. Did GB overmatch Victor at this stage? I actually don't think so. If he finishes him in the second we are not having his conversation. He was winning the fight and had the dude down three times.

Erik Santos (New York City, Queens): Any word on Miguel Cotto getting a new trainer? I believe Cotto should hire a new head trainer who can help Cotto with defense. This would make the matchup against Pac-Man much more interesting.

Dan Rafael: He is riding with Joe Santiago at this point, who trained him for the Clottey fight and was an assistant with him for many years.

Jeff (Cincy): DTM, is Adrien Broner in the running for prospect of the year..or too young yet?

Dan Rafael: Too soon for that. He has less than 10 fights. He's way raw and still very amateurish even though he has a lot of ability and speed. His knockout the other night was terrific.

JP (Columbus): 10 seconds of freak silence for Alexis Arguello..

Dan Rafael: Teddy is entited to his opinion and to make whatever picks he feels like making. I don't often agree with him but he can make whatever pick he wants and I couldn't care less. I'm sure he couldn't care less about my picks either. I don't understand why people get so up in arms about what people pick. It blows my mind that people get so upset about who I pick or who Teddy picks. Who cares? You make your pick, we'll make ours.

Steve (Tampa): Korobov is the goods, right?

Dan Rafael: So far so good. And based on his amateur creds, looks like it.

Brooks (Cleveland, OH): It's one thing for to disagree with your scoring of a fight, but it's another to attack your credibility by calling you a shill for GBP - ban those idiots please . . . permanently.

Dan Rafael: The hilarious thing is that at various times I am called a Top Rank shill, a Golden Boy shill, one for HBO, Showtime, ESPN, Don King, you name it. It is hilarious. Just because you might write something that is nice about one entity or company does not mean you are on the damn payroll. Everyone of those entities I have also written things they haven't liked. The unfounded accussations from keyboard warriors goes with the territory.

Greg (Los Angeles): Dan I know you were high on Argenis Mendez at one point? I know he just recently signed with Dibella but what happened to him over the course of the last year or so? I havent even heard his name mentioned.

Dan Rafael: He lost a fight while with Top Rank and hadn't been looking good or progressing and I think Top Rank just had had enough and didn't want to keep investing, not to mention he was basically an East Coast fighter they didn't think would sell a lot of tickets. The kid has talent and maybe a new company will be a good change for him and maybe Lou can help him reach his potential.

matt h (phx, az): Dan, what's with everyone complaining about your opinions or comments?? Like you said, we have our own picks/opinions! Grow up freaks!

Joe (San Francisco, CA): What are the chances that Urango-Bailey will be the FNF finale at the end of August? That's a great fight.

Dan Rafael: They are working on it. There's an excellent chance that fight will be the FNF finale.

Anthony S. (Devon, PA): Speaking of trainers, what's Nazim Richardson doing nowadays?

Dan Rafael: Naazim trains Mosley and Hopkins and has young fighters he also works with, like his son Rock Allen, his cousin Karl Dargan and some others.

Jed (Philly): Has ESPN ever considered hiring a former boxer or trainer to write for the website? I love your ability to break stories b/c of your access to the promoters and networks, but I'd also like to see someone with ring experience provide the analysis. Sort of like how a broadcaster does the play-by-play and a former player does the color/analysis. Please forward this suggestion to your supervisors. Thank you in advance.

Dan Rafael: I think that's a good idea and for awhile we had Wayne McCullough writing some stuff for us, which wasn't bad. Not sure what happened with that.

Jesus Rivera (PR): Dan I was listening to the radio yesterday and Tito Trinidad was talking that he was waiting for Hopkins to fight him next. Any words on that? and why would Tito do it? I mean BHop killed him in his prime what do he thinks is going to happen now? Does he think he can beat him?

Dan Rafael: Tito Trinidad, who I love, is in a dream world and needs someone to throw some cold water on his face. He is done. Hopkins isn't going to fight him again. It's over. Done. He needs to move on.

David (PA): Dan, did the doctor stop the Ortiz fight due to the cut because he knew the kid was done? I've seen much worse cuts than that. Cotto's cut was significantly worse, but the doc didn't step in for that one.

Dan Rafael: First of all, one fight was in New York and one in LA. Different doctors with different opinion. I think the ref and doc knew Ortiz was done and gave him a way out.

Paul B (NY, NY): DTM- You truly the king of the freaks. It sounds like you had an easy out not to do a chat this week in light of the holiday tomorrow but lo and behold you are here dropping knowledge. Thanks for helping all of the freaks ring in the holiday weekend in style.

Dan Rafael: You are right. I could have blown off a chat this week. Frankly, I do way more chats than I am obligated to do every year. But I like them even if some of the Freaks are dopes.

Terry (Tampa): To Jesus: I think the $10 million plus Tito would get just might have something to do with it.......

Dan Rafael: If Tito thinks he is getting $10 million for any fight, he is a bigger dope than some of the Freaks.

Nazim (Philly): Dan, I'm also training Steve Cunningham now.

Dave (Reno): Dan - When Maidana went down for the second time he got up, then took a knee, then got up in plenty of time. I recall a fight a while back where a ref stopped the fight when the fighter did the exact same thing. The ref said he was forced by the rules to stop the fight. Does that sound familiar? Have you ever heard of a rule like that?

Dan Rafael: No, the fighter can get up and down 10 times as long as at the end of 10 he is on his feet. Now, that said, the ref could stop the fight mid count if he thinks the fighter is too hurt to continue.

Keith H ((Seattle, WA)): Did someone unlock a door to the asylum or did some of the Freaks break into the firewater a little bit early this weekend?

Allen (Boston): Dan: Who gave Victor Ortiz his first loss? Was it by knockout?

Dan Rafael: No, it was a DQ against a guy he was destroying. He got DQ'd for a weak call by the ref for hitting on the break or while the guy was down but it was a bad call.

Terry (Tampa): Dave: I think you are referring to Judah-Zoo. The difference was that Judah went down, got up, and went down again. He did not take a knee. There was alot of discussion about that at the time......

Dan Rafael: In that fight it wasn't stopped because Judah went up and down and up. It was because he was so messed up that Jay Nady stopped it.

bill (pgh): any chance you could start writing for ESPN the Magazine. No offense to the current staff but you'd be an upgrade.

Dan Rafael: They've never asked me.

Ubi (Brooklyn): Instead of banning people who ask joke questions, why not focus on answering the question posed to you instead of getting all the answers out of order, champ.

Dan Rafael: Hey Ubi my man -- the out of order questions is courtesy of this crappy software.

Jesus Rivera (Puerto Rico): Dan which fight do you think so far is the best fight of the year?

Dan Rafael: There have been several. Off the top of my head, Dunne-Cordoba was sensational but most American fans didn't see it because it was in Ireland. But it was a war and sensational. Marquez-Diaz was great. Other excellent fights year are Berto-Collazo, Agbregu-Garcia (from ShoBox), Segura-Canchila 2 (from Mexico), Rogan-Skelton (heavyweight war from England) and Pascal-Diaconu from last week on Versus.

Brendan (Cherry hill, nj): Dane: Now that Bute vs Andrade II seems to be happening on sept 19th on the undercard of mayweather-marquez. Who is Carl Froch fighting in the fall?

Dan Rafael: Why do you just assume Bute-Andrade is on that card? I wouldn't bet on it.

jack (fort collins): any news on a location for the alexander/witter fight?

Dan Rafael: Yes, it is on Showtime on the Aug 1 Bradley-Campbell undercard in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Gerardo (AZ): Dan, you're all making me question whether I'm a true freak, because I don't really blame Ortiz much. Yes, he obviously quit, but he did it because he realized he was BADLY hurt, and it would've only gotten worse had he kept going ... I honestly believe he could've been seriously injured if he continued. Maybe I'm just soft.

Dan Rafael: You're soft. If you are supposed to be THE NEXT SUPERSTAR OF BOXING you can't go out like that. Period.

Luke (Danbury CT): I wouldn't mind seeing Froch fight Kessler. Speaking of the kitten any news?

Dan Rafael: Good fight. Unfortunately, Kessler is still jammed up with fighting his promoter in Denmark.

Andrew (Indy, IN): Matt has a good point. I never got the impression that Ortiz fought because he likes to fight. It was more like Ortiz fought because he loved the adulation and more importantly, it got he and his siblings financially and emotionally on solid ground.

Sal (Chicago): Vasquez vs Lopez, does this ever get made?

Dan Rafael: Maybe at some point. I think that would be a bad, bad matchup for Vazquez, however.

Steven (NYC): What's the latest on Kelly Pavlik? Is going to fight Sturm? I read that HBO is lowballing the fight, does HBO not like non-Golden Boy fighters anymore?

Dan Rafael: Since when is multiple millions "lowballing." I believe HBO would like to do Pavlik-Sturm but it does not consider it like a $4 million type license fee fight. To pay that kind of money means it would have to be one of the biggest fights in the sport, at least in terms of non PPV. Pavlik-Sturm is not that level. Top Rank thinks it is. So instead of saying HBO "lowballed" it by offering maybe $2 million (and I'm not 100% sure what the number was), how about looking at it like Top Rank "overpriced it?" I am not taking sides. I am just saying there are two points of view.

Kermit Cintron (Headbuttsville): I dunno why that kid Ortiz quit. It's not like he got hit by Sergio Martinez's dome piece or anything.

Jeff (Bama): You HBO shill!!

Dan Rafael: Don't forget Showtime, Top Rank and Golden Boy please.

Mark (St. Pete): Seen a lot of coverage on Arguello's death, and a nice story recounting his 1982 fight against Pryor. Where does that rank for you all-time? Top 10? And where does Arguello stack up pound-for-pound? Top 25?

Dan Rafael: Aruguello was great. I am a fan for sure of his fights. I don't think he's top 10 all-time, but if I sat down and made a list he probably would be top 25. I know he made great fights.

Billy (Patchogue, NY): There's no way Gamboa hangs in there with Lopez. JuanMa blows him out in three rounds or less.

Michael (Long Beach, CA): Max's comment before the Ortiz - Maidana fight was prophetic. When he asked is Ortiz too good to be true. I was blown away by some of Victor's comments after the fight.

Jackson (Iowa): My two cents on Ortiz. He quit...plain and simple. BUT...I don't hold it too much against him. First off, he's got heart. Plain and simple...he got DRILLED (several times) and he had the guts to get back up. He had a rough cut, and his corner was basically telling him he couldn't win...which was ridiculous. Being the type of "can't miss" prospect he was, it was probably hard for him to even imagine being in that scenario. I tend to give guys somewhat of a free pass when they get thrown into that type of situation for the first time. The only way to really tell if he's the goods or not is waiting for this situation again...and see how he responds after having been there before...

Steve (Tampa): Does Sugar Shane's unwillingness to take on PWilliams make him less of a 'warrior'?

Dan Rafael: Not at all. Who says he is "unwilling?" Shane wants bigger fights and has earned them with his body of work.

George ((Nevada)): Why can't Gamboa hang in there with Lopez? Their both undefeated and we wont know how good Gamboa really is until he fights someone like Lopez.

SK (LA): Bottom line on Ortiz...Stars in this sport pass the type of test that he was in on Saturday. Cotto - Torres is a prime example

Dan Rafael: Exactly. When I was watching Maidana-Ortiz after I got home from AC last Sunday that is exactly the fight I was thinking about. Of course, Cotto was more advanced when he faced Torres than Ortiz was against Maidana.

Erik Santos (New York City, Queens): Dan, do you think a rematch between Ortiz and Maidana will happen?

Dan Rafael: I think eventually a rematch would make a lot of sense (and dollars) for both sides.

Brock (Belleville): Congrats on moving your chat to Thursday this week. Now instead of taking a couple hours out of my 40 hour work week, you get a couple hours out of a 32 hour work week.

Todd ((Hollywood, California)): Dan,great blog today about Arguello. Well, the WBC has done it again they are ranking Margarito while he is suspended. Is there anything these sanctioning bodies WON'T do? It is a disgrace.

Dan Rafael: The WBC is a disgrace. I am only surprised it took them this long.

Brad (Franklin, TN): Any truth to Abraham fighting the Viper?

Dan Rafael: It's been discussed.

E ((Omaha)): D$$ - It seemed to me like Ortiz lost that fight on the inside. Didn't really seem like he knew what to do when in a clinch or when he was hurt. Just a lack of expierence or a sign of a bigger problem???

Dan Rafael: You're right. He didn't jab enough and didn't clinch when he was hurt. He also had messed up footwork the whole fight.

Foe Da Love of $ (Yay Area): What happened with Azteca America and Top Rank's TV series? Started off ok and had Canchilla-Segura II but seems like its disappeared

Dan Rafael: They are still doing fights just not every single week.

E ((Omaha)): RIP Explosive Thin Man, Thanks for the memories! You were one of the best.

Greg (boston): Hey man, what do you think of Demetrius Andrade, I saw a lot of him at the Amatuer level and he obviously looked great, but so far his pro debut's haven't really been as great as i would hope?

Dan Rafael: Demetrius has ridiculous ability. The only thing that is going to keep him from being at the top is himself or his chin.

Tony (Tampa): Does everyone in Tampa have the day off? I guess we can expect a post from Winky, Lacy, and Tarver soon?

Sancho (Cali): Danno, why couldnt GBP find juarez a righty?? What a waste of co-main event slot...why not reschedule for 8/22??

Dan Rafael: There were very few (if any) fighters who were available and who HBO would take on short notice. Santiago was available and HBO would take him. He was also lefty, which Rocky declined to do fight.

Sam (NJ): Any word on the Chris John blood disorder? Is this something that could seriously damper/end his career?

Dan Rafael: I have heard nothing specific.

Al (Las Cruces, NM): What do you expect out of the Chambers Dimitrenko fight? I don't know much about Dimitrenko is he a legit contender?

Dan Rafael: You have to figure that with Eddie being in Germany fighting a MUCH bigger man it could be a tough night for him since a knockout seems unlikely and getting a decision in Germany is also very, very tough. But Eddie has the boxing skills to beat Dimitrenko, who is huge but not a big puncher. Eddie should be faster than him. Dimitrenko has his size and reach advantage. I think you have to favor Dimitrenko.

will potter (columbia,sc): Does Shane Mosley deserve a shot at the winner of Pacquiao v. Cotto

Dan Rafael: Sure. He deserves one of them right now, but they are fighting each other.

Luke (Toronto): Is Daniel Jacobs the prospect of the year at the halfway point?

Dan Rafael: I would say that is fair to say.

Rags (NYC): Dan-O-Rama: Couple of Top Rank questions: What's keeping Kendall Holt from being ready on 8/15? What's the plan for Alvarado now that Malignaggi has the Diaz fight in front of him?

Dan Rafael: I think Holt just wasn't physically ready or close enough to weight to want to train for a mid-summer fight and would rather fight later in the year. Had Holt fought, he wouldn't have been on TV either. It's not an issue for Top Rank or Holt. He'll just go later in the year I suspect. Alvarado apparently could be out for awhile.

Mike (Rochester, NY): Several of my friends seem to have gotten hooked into boxing after I invited them to watch Pacquiao-Hatton. This got me wondering: if you could show one fight to a group of casual sports fans that would convert them into boxing fans, what would it be? (It would have to be a relatively recent fight, so as to not give them a reason to say "Yeah, BACK THEN boxing was great.")

Dan Rafael: Slam dunk: Corrales-Castillo 1 from 2005.

Tim (Pittsburgh,PA): Dan, I just want to offer the condolances to the family and friends of Alexis Arguello. I am a fairly new boxing fan and only know him from classic fights on tape, but seeing what you have to say about him over the past that I have seen in your blogs he must have been something. -View from afar

Dan Rafael: Do yourself a favor and try to get some DVDs of his fights or go watch some of them on youtube. I busted out some of my Arguello DVDs yesterday.

Billy (Toronto): What happened to the Peterson brothers?

Dan Rafael: Nothing happened to them. Lamont fought a couple of months ago and won an interim belt on HBO. Anthony is recovering from knee surgery and probably will come back on Aug. 15 on the Top Rank card off TV.

Al (Las Cruces, NM): What do you expect out of the Chambers Dimitrenko fight? I don't know much about Dimitrenko is he a legit contender?

Sam (NJ): Any word on the Chris John blood disorder? Is this something that could seriously damper/end his career?

Sancho (Cali): Danno, why couldnt GBP find juarez a righty?? What a waste of co-main event slot...why not reschedule for 8/22??

Tony (Tampa): Does everyone in Tampa have the day off? I guess we can expect a post from Winky, Lacy, and Tarver soon?

Joel (NY): Dan, do you think HBO would want Bute-Andrade 2 or it would end up back on Showtime?

Dan Rafael: I'd be shocked if HBO bought that fight because it is not involved in that division at all and most of the top fighters in that division are on Showtime. Plus, to be frank, the first fight was a one-sided ass kicking by Bute other than the last minute of the fight.

Bucky (Denver): How is this for freak status. I was late for work because I was drinking rum and watching Alexis fights all night.

Dan Rafael: I guess you're a Freak, but a dumb one because it's probably not a good idea to show up at work stinking of booze.

Dan Rafael: Hey Freaks, a new blog has just been posted, the second of the day:http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?entryID=4302820

Foe Da Love of $ (Yay Area): What are the chances of Froch landing the Pavlik fight instead of Sturm this fall?

Dan Rafael: I think it is unlikely.

Erik Santos (New York City, Queens): Boxing is more about the money now than what the fans want.

Dan Rafael: Sort of. Usually, when the fans want it, it means the most money.

Chris (Concord, CA): Arthur Abraham is now halfway to Bernard Hopkins' record of 20 consecutive middleweight defenses. Is there any chance Abraham could actually break the record?

Dan Rafael: No chance whatsoever. There is no way he stays at middleweight for 10 more fights. He may not stay there for one more fight. Even if he did, he would still have to do what Hopkins did and that is become undisputed. Bernard's last several defenses were of the undisputed championship.

Dan Rafael: OK, Freaks, thanks for the special Thursday chat. Hope you all enjoy July 4th weekend and we'll chat again back on our normal schedule next week. Peace.