Favorite cold weather photos

It's still fall, but many parts of the country are already bracing for their first winter storm. For some hardcore athletes, frigid temperatures are fun. To get you ready for the upcoming season, check out some of our favorite cold weather sports photos. Upload yours here.

1. View from above


AP Photo/Nathan Bilow

Gretchen Bleiler enjoys the view from the 2007 Winter X-Games. Comment on this photo

3. Blizzard ball


Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The South may be known for football, but players in the North prove their toughness on a weekly basis. Comment on this photo

2. Snow scene


Nik Kleinberg/ESPN.com

Alaskan high school football players brave extreme conditions to play the sport they love. Comment on this photo

4. The air up there


AP Photo/Nathan Bilow

Heath Frisby performs a back flip with his 500-pound Ski-doo snowmobile. Comment on this photo