1985 Chicago Bears — Where Are They Now?

The 1985 Bears rapped and shuffled their way to a win over New England in Super Bowl XX in 1986 with a colorful cast of characters, perhaps the greatest single-season achievement by any pro sports team in Chicago history.

"It was like following The Beatles, quite honestly. It almost had that sort of aura to it," said Ken Valdiserri, the team's longtime PR and marketing director. "When I think of it, I think of it fondly and with a lot of adoration to the people that were part of it.

"There's nothing like it, nothing that I think could ever be replicated in professional sports. … It just created a hailstorm of publicity. It also brought about the fact that the Bears solidified their position as THE team in town."

And now, as the Bears celebrate the 25th anniversary of Chicago's only Super Bowl winners, ESPNChicago.com tracked down the players, coaches and support staff to see what they are doing today.

FIRST ROW: Steve Fuller (4), Kevin Butler (6), Maury Buford (8), Jim McMahon (9), Mike Tomczak (18), Thomas Sanders (20), Leslie Frazier (21), Dave Duerson (22), Shaun Gayle (23), Jeff Fisher (24)

SECOND ROW: Jerry Vainisi, Matt Suhey (26), Mike Richardson (27), Dennis Gentry (29), Ken Taylor (31), Calvin Thomas (33), Walter Payton (34), Gary Fencik (45), Reggie Phillips (48), Mike Singletary (50), Jim Morrissey (51), Michael McCaskey

THIRD ROW: Pete McGrane, Cliff Thrift (52), Dan Rains (53), Brian Cabral (54), Otis Wilson (55), Tom Thayer (57), Wilber Marshall (58), Ron Rivera (59), Tom Andrews (60), Mark Bortz (62), Jay Hilgenberg (63), Henry Waechter (70), Ray Earley

FOURTH ROW: Brian McCaskey, Andy Frederick (71), William Perry (72), Mike Hartenstine (73), Jim Covert (74), Stefan Humphries (75), Steve McMichael (76), Keith Van Horne (78), Kurt Becker (79), Tim Wrightman (80), James Maness (81), Ken Margerum (82), Gary Haeger

FIFTH ROW: Fred Caito, Willie Gault (83), Brian Bashnagel (84), Dennis McKinnon (85), Brad Anderson (86), Emery Moorehead (87), Pat Dunsmore (88), Mitch Krenk (89), Richard Dent (95), Keith Ortego (96), Tyrone Keys (98), Dan Hampton (99), Clyde Emrich

SIXTH ROW: Mike Ditka, Ted Plumb, Ed Hughes, Dale Haupt, Jim LaRue, Johnny Roland, Steve Kazor, Dick Stanfel, Buddy Ryan, Jim Dooley