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The Bears have signed wide receiver Marlon Brown and defensive end Nick Williams, and waived wide receiver Mekale McKay, the team said on Thursday.


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Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is excited about the possibilities within Chicago's new offense designed by head coach Matt Nagy.

Prospect Profile: Mike McGlinchey (0:32)

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Bears coach Matt Nagy said on Thursday that OLB Aaron Lynch's ankle injury is "better than we thought." Lynch injured his ankle during Wednesday's minicamp practice.

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Bears ILB Danny Trevathan was present at Thursday's final minicamp practice. Trevathan missed the first two days of minicamp due to personal reasons, according to head coach Matt Nagy.

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Javier Baez was batting eighth just days ago but has moved all the way up to No. 2 for the Cubs as Joe Maddon continues to search for the right mix for his up and down lineup. Albert Almora Jr bats lead off with Bryant and Rizzo behind the top 2.

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Sanchez unleashes Hulk mode and breaks bat with his leg (0:18)

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"It does. It does. And he's able to go out there -- he played so much shotgun in college at Carolina. So much, and the stuff that we do is easy for him. Now he has to just take that language that he learned in North Carolina, put it into our language, and then what's going to happen is you're going to see an evolution to him. Right now, calling the plays in the huddle is easy. That is not one concern at all for him, calling plays. To me,that's a step forward, because he's ahead of the game, because when he's at the line of scrimmage now, now it's his first wide vision of just understanding the defense and seeing what's coming at him." -- Bears coach Matt Nagy on whether the new offense makes sense to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

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"It's totally different. As a coordinator, you're trying to organize practice for the upcoming week, you're trying to do — and you're not involved with everybody, the other two-thirds, the defense and the special teams. So now Ryan Pace comes down and grabs me and I go into the meeting and sit down, but that's what I do what I do because I enjoy that, I like that part of it. Being there with the defense and kind of seeing it and me being able to watch some defensive players and watch how our coaches evaluate, see how our scouts evaluate defensive talent, it's fun. But the biggest thing is it takes away from my time prepping offensively, so I gotta balance it and I need to be able to do it the right way." -- Matt Nagy on preparing for the upcoming draft as a first-year head coach.

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“That's just a part of football. I was…I was happy for our defense. That's a good play. He read the ball well and made a good play on it. For Mitch, the biggest thing as he grows and learns to play that position is next play mentality. There is nothing you can do about it now, right? You let that sink into your brain too much and you're in trouble for the rest of the game. He'll be fine. The great ones in this league, trust me, they've thrown interceptions before. That's a part of the game and a part of life.” -- Bears coach Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky's performance on Wednesday, which included an interception to Chicago CB Prince Amukamara.

Moncada clears the bases with big fly (0:30)

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy said veteran OLB Aaron Lynch suffered an ankle injury during Wednesday's voluntary minicamp practice. Nagy added that he thinks Lynch, "will be fine."


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Bears all-purpose back Tarik Cohen gives his first impressions of the new Chicago offense that head coach Matt Nagy brought with him from Kansas City.

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Cards-Cubs now MLB's 25th postponement

The game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs on Wednesday was called off because of wintry weather, the 25th postponement in the first three weeks of the major league season.