A Taste of What's Going on in my Head

January 21, 2009, 9:21 AM

By: Tom Waddle

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Anquan Boldin

Hey, are there any Waddle and Silvy fans in here?! At least any Waddle fans? Wait, hold that thought, I'm not sure I wanna hear the answer. But, with the NFL season coming to an end I'm gonna have a lot of free time on my hands the next six months, and the powers that be at ESPN 1000 thought it would be a good idea to start transcribing all the random sports voices that consistently ring in my head. I agree, plus I owe 'em some sort of penance after my behavior at the station Christmas party. That's a story for another time.

At the moment I'm 35 minutes into an episode of CSI Las Vegas, and I just realized I should probably tune into the Bulls and Hawks which just tipped. Not because I'm dying to see Tyrus Thomas's first turnover or ill advised jumper, but because that nut job I work with will wanna spend at least 45 minutes recapping game 43 of this torturous Bulls season. Look, I'm as big a Derrick Rose fan as the next guy, but it's hard to watch the rest of that mess these days. And a quick question, does Andres Nocioni ever admit he's committed a foul, or is the NBA officiating fraternity just out to get him? At 17-6 Hawks, I've already had enough, plus Gil Grissom is a more compelling watch.

For those of you who wanna take me out to the woodshed and give me a beating NHL style, DeFalco, just know I'm starting to get my "Blackhawk swerve" on. Just be patient. I've been in my football bunker for five months and I'm not good with change. I'm actually excited about recommitting to the Indian. One more trip to LA for Super Bowl coverage at the NFL Network and I'm jumping in with both skates.

Speaking of the big game in Tampa, I'm excited about the matchup, and I'm sure you're happy for me. The improbable rise of the Cardinals is a very compelling story, as is the strength on strength matchup between the Arizona offense and the Steelers defense. Ken Wisenhunt's connection to the Steelers should also make for some good copy. IF you aren't a fan of the Kurt Warner anthology, Larry Fitzgeralds's near perfection of his craft, or the sheer brutality of that Pittsburgh defense, you oughta turn your man card in ASAP. And Bears fans, another four catch 38 yard performance combined with yet another made for TV tantrum, and Anquan Boldin may become a more realistic possibility. And for those of you worried about his me first attitude, I won't deny, last Sunday wasn't his finest moment, but he can join my huddle any day of the week, especially on Sunday. It was a selfish move, but don't forget his heroic effort returning just three weeks after having his face broken in 35 places. Like all receivers, he's got a healthy ego, but he also has a great deal of heart, to go along with tremendous talent.

More on Super Bowl XLIII next week. Maybe I'll write you from my palatial 8 by 8 cell, I mean office, at the NFL Network. Just kidding, I consider myself blessed to be working in Los Angeles every weekend of the NFL season with a great cast of characters. More on them in the future as well.

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Hey look, the Bulls have a 39-31 lead midway through the second quarter. I'd hate to be Silvy's couch right about now. On second thought, I'd hate to be Silvy's couch at any time, especially after today's revelation that he often lays naked on that poor piece of furniture.

On that note, let's call it a night. Sorry for the rambling nature of this exercise, I promise to be a little more focused in the future. Okay, that's a lie. Odds are, this will be one rambling, run on sentence for as long as they give me a forum. You wanna go interactive, I'm in. Send me an e-mail with questions, comments or anything else that's rattling around in your head. If you get nasty, just know I'll treat you like I treat my kids when they get chesty: I will pretend you don't exist! Trust me, with five women in my house, I've heard it all, seen it all, and learned how to deal with it all! Aaron Gray deserves more minutes!


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