Cutler Overload

My goodness do I love vacation! That's not to say I don't LOVE my gig at this fantastic radio station, but...

April 8, 2009, 9:57 AM

By: Tom Waddle

US Presswire

My goodness do I love vacation! That's not to say I don't LOVE my gig at this fantastic radio station, but guys, is there anything better than waking up when you wanna wake up, combing your hair with your pillow, throwing on the same "uniform" from yesterday, and starting the day off with a "cool one"? The never ending bike rides with the four kids and hauling 70 pounds of beach toys and gear gets a bit tedious, but I love getting away from it all.

I also love returning to a Chicago sports landscape that is teeming with activity and intrigue. That sounded a little, snooty didn't it? Let's just say, there's a whole lot going. Such as...

While I'm sure most of you are still suffering from "Cutler Overload", I'm just getting started! Let's keep it simple: It was a great deal. Jerry Angelo didn't overpay. The Bears are a better team now than they were before the deal was made. With that said, don't start making Super Bowl plans just yet. (at least plans that involve our Beloved. ) The playoffs are certainly a more distinct possibility, but this team is far from a finished product. They still need to upgrade at wide receiver, find a change of pace back to spell Forte, and upgrade a defense that has underachieved the past two seasons. I would urge everyone to take a larger picture look at this acquisition. Jay Cutler is a franchise caliber quarterback who should be under center for the next decade!

I would expect the Cubs fans to be the ones demanding big things this year. After consecutive October kicks to the Family Treasure Chest, its time to deliver. It's hard to believe a team with this much talent, and so much invested, doesn't have a single playoff victory in the Lou Pinella era. IF they don't make post season progress this year, I say there's a very good chance that Sweet Lou takes his blender and margarita glasses and heads south. You heard it here: THIS IS THE YEAR... that they win a divisional playoff series, and probably nothing more. 95 wins should earn Lou consecutive Manager of the Year awards and a third straight NL Central title.

I'm picking the Sox to win their division as well. Mostly because I don't want Ozzie, Kenny, or AJ to cuss me out. This team will have NO trouble scoring runs and their manager will get the most out of them. I say 85 wins gets them another AL Central title. I may be willing to kick that number up a little if Kenny finds a legitimate leadoff hitter in the next couple months.

Silvy won't like this, but I think we should start giving Vinny a little credit. Is he a finished product? No. Does he still make rookie mistakes? Yes. But he's also growing into the position and has his guys playing hard and headed back to the playoffs... where they will be bounced quickly by the Celtics or Magic. Despite the occasional disaster against the dregs of the league, I find this a pretty likable bunch.

And for you Hawk fans, congrats on your return to the post season. I'm actually writing this with the 87 Waddle Indian Head Sweater that Brandon Faber so generously gave me several weeks back. Okay, that's a lie, but I can see it from where I'm sitting. And I am serious about going to a playoff game at the UC. If I'm in town I hope Steve Larmer scores a hat trick tonight!

That's all for now. I promise, next time I'll actually pick a lane and stay in it! Possible topics: People who constantly clear their throat on a 50 minute train ride. Guys who take beer league softball too serious. The greatness of the Discovery Channel. Speaking of that, the TV is calling me! Bulls and Cubs for you, maybe, I've got the new season of the Deadliest Catch in my sights!


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