Yes, It Is That Cold

The fans are bundled up but Wayne is nice and toasty behind the press box glass

April 13, 2009, 4:00 PM

By: Wayne Drehs

With the Cubs out to a comfortable 1-0 lead, let's take a reader question. Alex from Peoria wants to know if the weather is as bad as it looks on television.

The press box is quite comfy, Alex. But down below it looks awfully nasty. Everyone who is still here is covered in parkas, ponchos, garbage bags and blankets. In fact, the concourse below pretty much looks like a bag of jelly beans. There are red, green, yellow, orange, purple and even white jelly beans. (I like red the best.)

And what would a Chicago blog be without some Cubs-White Sox bickering? Two other readers pointed out in an e-mail that while I'm blogging about the "10,000 freezing drunks" -- as one of them put it -- Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye each hit their 300th career homer, and did it back-to-back in the White Sox 10-6 win over Detroit earlier today.

I say good for them.

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