Silvy, don't let Bradley keep you from Wrigley

Hood urges colleague to keep going despite Bradley's presence

November 6, 2009, 9:24 PM

By: Jonathan Hood

Dear Marc,

You know that I am a big fan of your work. I've heard you do talk shows for well over a decade and for the most part, you and I agree on most issues that you present on your shows. (Except for Bulls' season, when "Silvy Blue Skies" shows up and has outrageous expectations for the Bulls each year, but I digress.)

I read your blog, and you wrote that as long as Milton Bradley is on the Cubs, you wouldn't go to Wrigley Field to watch your favorite team in the whole wide world.

I actually know you, and I know that you are serious about banning yourself from going to games in 2010. I, too, am surprised that Bradley hasn't been dealt yet. It doesn't make sense to me, either.

However, even if Bradley does return to the team, you have to see the Cubs live at Wrigley Field next year.

Think about it. You've endured offseason pickups such as Kal Daniels, Juan Pierre, Todd Hundley, Dave Smith, Jeff Blauser, Jacque Jones -- should I go on? Yet you're drawing the line in the sand with Bradley? The Cubs historically have picked up players who were supposed to provide a splash and instead gave Cubs fans heartache.

Look, Marc, all I'm saying is don't shut yourself out of going to Cubs games because of Bradley. He's just one player. You can't even say he's the only reason the Cubs underachieved this year. That title goes to general manager Jim Hendry and the 1985-like Cubs team that couldn't stay healthy.

If you want to boycott the Cubs until Mr. Ricketts tells everyone what his plan is, fine. If you want to boycott the Cubs until they upgrade that horrendous bullpen, fine. But because of the financial commitment to winning that the Cubs have shown in recent years and the pressure by fans like you who keep demanding that the team stay competitive, you should see your team play live.

I hope you reconsider your stance. Could you imagine the Cubs getting to the playoffs and going to the World Series and Bradley still on the team? And you don't go to Wrigley Field because of your right fielder? You could never forgive yourself.

Say hello to your radio partner for me.

Your teammate,



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